5 Thinking Pitfalls That Prevent You from Living a Happy Life

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5 Thinking Pitfalls That Prevent You from Living a Happy Life
5 Thinking Pitfalls That Prevent You from Living a Happy Life

It's mind-boggling how many different syndromes we all have. You can get a plump medical record and save it for the future - to scare your grandchildren. Tell them: "Behave badly - and you will start THIS!" Though at them and so THIS will begin. Because it started with you and in general with all of us. Yes, yes, everyone. Each of us has some kind of nasty syndrome that prevents us from living a happy life. I am glad that this is treated, and not with drugs, but literally with the power of thought. Good news, right?

5 Thinking Traps That Prevent You from Living a Happy Life


The hero of Oscar Wilde's novel was so handsome that he agreed to exchange his own immortal soul for the immortality of his beauty. It didn't end well for him, of course. The syndrome, named after the beautiful Dorian, affects everyone in one form or another. The only question is how much it interferes with our lives. Because the essence of this syndrome is the cult of youth, the fear of aging and withering. In fact, this is one of the transformations of the fear of death, which is inherent in all of us. But if you let that fear take over, you can turn into a monster. Plastic surgery victims whose faces look like ugly plastic masks suffer from this particular syndrome. This is an extreme case, of course, but have you ever spent half your salary on cosmetics or go on a diet, not because you are uncomfortable with your weight, but because kilograms supposedly age you? This is it.


When you were 16, thirty-year-olds looked like decrepit old people to you. And now you understand that 30 years is youth. Look at your mom. I bet she thinks she's pretty young too?


He's perfectionism. If you do something, you must do it perfectly. And if you can’t do it perfectly, then there’s nothing to take. As a result, you do not do what needs to be done, and spend a lot of effort and time doing something that is not very necessary. And you are very afraid to start something. The result is complete nonsense: you can spend 2 days off to put things in order in the closet (each T-shirt must be folded into an envelope! And spread out by color! Otherwise, it’s a mess!), But you start urgent work only when you feel that you're about to fly from the boss. Naturally, all this makes you nervous.


Understand that the wonderful school years were left behind a long time ago. Nobody, believe me, appreciates how diligently you draw fields in a notebook. Actually, all do not care. This is true. The result is important and only the result, and no one will evaluate the process.


This is not coquetry or false modesty. It's just that you really think that your accomplishments are worth nothing at all. You think that you are taking someone else's place and another would do your job much better. Basically, you really think you're an impostor. And therefore, you perceive criticism extremely painfully, and you do not perceive praises and compliments at all. It's not about you. You yourself are worthless.


Believe psychologists. They argue that the impostor syndrome does not happen to those who are not confident in themselves. This syndrome is the scourge of really talented and gifted people. This is just the other side of the coin. Talentless bastards don't suffer from this bullshit.


Being a good girl is bad. Really bad. Because any good girl sooner or later earns herself a serious neurosis. You cannot live your life trying to meet the expectations of others every minute. A good girl is very afraid of offending someone and being branded as a bad girl, so she cannot say no to anyone. Of course, it doesn't end well for her. At best, a good girl remains miserable. At worst… Well, you yourself understand what can happen to those who do not know how to refuse, right?


Learning to be a bad girl, of course, but what else. Doing bad things to someone is completely optional. It is enough not to try to do good to everyone you meet. It's simple. You just need to understand that it's time to do this very good to yourself. Very small kindness, frail: don't do what you seem to be supposed to do a couple of times. Let them do it for you. Amazing feeling!


Once upon a time there was a smart Elsa. Lived, lived and got married. And when the time came to treat the groom with homemade beer, Elsa went down to the cellar, saw a pickaxe on the wall, and … And, imagine, she thought the following: she will get married, her son will be born, she will grow up, she will go to the cellar for delicious - then - then the pickaxe will fall. Falls and breaks the baby's skull. Nice, right? This short fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm perfectly illustrates the psychological phenomenon of negative expectations. We all sometimes like to predict the coming apocalypse literally out of the blue. The problem is that this syndrome tends to grow rapidly, and now the future seems like a huge black hole in which all good things will perish without a trace. And this, of course, does not add joy to life.


Monitor bouts of negative thinking and forcefully stop. And remember that thoughts do not materialize at all. There is no such magic. There are dreams that turn into goals - this comes true. And just thoughts do not take on flesh just because you thought about them. Luckily, right? Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo fotoimedia / Ingram.

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