13 bad and not so good ways to end a relationship

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13 bad and not so good ways to end a relationship
13 bad and not so good ways to end a relationship

Relationships are difficult to end, especially in a civilized way. There are laws of humanity that apply to everyone. Here is a small list of ways to say goodbye! - from the least terrible to the most terrible.

13 ways to break up: from bad to worse

1. In person

The most decent way that requires the most courage and honesty.

2. Write a long heartfelt letter (paper!)

Perhaps it will be so good and poetic that someday it will be published. And if you are some kind of celebrity, your now ex (former) will sell it in a difficult time. Everything is good.

3. Call and blurt everything into the phone

(and then it turns out that his mother / her brother is on the wire). This option at least gives the partner a chance to ask a question or express regrets.

4. Write on a banner attached to the plane…

… send a carrier pigeon, whistle Morse code under the window, order an ad in the newspaper for free ads or a banner on his favorite porn site, or organize a flash mob so that he meets people everywhere in T-shirts with the inscription “Dusya is leaving you” on his way to work

Because the following are all dumber.

5. By email

No matter what, if you met a couple of times and realized that this was not your destiny. Just don't attach gifs of kittens and other consumer-grade cuteness to soften the blow. This will not help, but an abandoned (abandoned) person will not be able to take a step on the Internet without his (her) mood spoiling - because he (she) will stumble upon something like this everywhere.

6. Stick the sticker on the fridge

What is it? a) Buy potatoes. b) Pick up the jacket from the dry cleaners. c) Sorry, I don't love you anymore. Kisses, Vika.”

7. Via SMS

Not only because it's cowardly, but also because his (her) phone has completely different messages from you, like “I love you, I miss you, when will you finally come? What do you want for dinner, Bunny? What shall we name the child?”

8. Personal message on social media

Kindergarten, pants with straps.

9. Public message online

This is so disgusting.

10. Just go and disappear

Well, at least that's how people behave who aren't worth our tears. Although consolation is weak.

11. Write him/her a sentimental farewell song

(Don't Speak by No Doubt doesn't count - too good).

12. Ask his friend (her friend) to tell you everything

Set up set up.

13. In person, but right after sex

What's wrong with you? Are you preparing your place in hell?

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