A girl from the provinces. 10 signs by which it is easy to calculate

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A girl from the provinces. 10 signs by which it is easy to calculate
A girl from the provinces. 10 signs by which it is easy to calculate

Readers often send us their materials, and of course we read everything carefully. We simply could not miss this article, and when we read it, we realized that it was worth publishing it. This is a rather evil text, but there is definitely some truth in it. The author, who wished to remain anonymous, believes that girls from the provinces are very different from the capital's young ladies, and this is noticeable to everyone. And, alas, if the provincials do not change anything in themselves, they are guaranteed to laugh behind their backs.

Provincial girl. 10 signs by which it is easy to calculate


Muscovite wakes up 30 minutes before leaving the house - to have time to take a shower, drink coffee, look at the friend tape, jump into jeans and comb her hair. A Petersburger wakes up 40 minutes before going out - in order to have time to do the same, plus 5 minutes to calmly look out the window at the roofs of the city, and 5 - to brush cat hair from her coat. A provincial woman jumps up in an hour and a half at least. Because you need to wash your hair, style your hair, do makeup according to all the rules, iron your skirt and read affirmations. And what about without affirmations! “I attract money and love!”, and further on.


And of course everything is so "girly-girly". Only a provincial can be found in a dress, on stilettos and with full make-up near the trash can. No, of course, the capital's little things are also not averse to dressing up, but on occasion. For a date, for example. But the provincial is indeed capable of drawing her face for 30 minutes in order to jump out for bread. In a dress, of course. Heels and pink nails. Under the color of a scarf and hair bands. Yes, and ban those rubber bands already!


That is, in what she considers beauty: false eyelashes, glued hair, fake nails, lip injections and creepy eyebrow tattoos. If a provincial woman suddenly gets a large amount at once, she will certainly make herself a new breast of the fifth size. And, of course, she has a subscription to a fitness club, where she goes to take selfies. With full make-up, he walks, of course. And he tries to lift barbie dumbbells without removing the rings. Gold.


And buys a handbag with treasured letters for 4,000 rubles in the subway. Her Facebook has an album called In the club and an album with toilet selfies. On her Instagram there is a photo of her priests covered in leggings. No, she is not a fitness trainer or even a fitness girl. She just has a booty, leggings and Instagram.


Friendship between a man and a woman does not happen by definition - a man either wants her, or he is an enemy. Well, all right - there are still half-men, senseless homunculi with cirrhosis and without upper incisors, but you don’t need to pay attention to these at all, they are a dull landscape. There is no female friendship either, because every woman is a rival. Except that Lyudka, with whom the provincial girl has been sitting at the same desk since the first grade, is a real friend: not because she is smart and interesting, not because it is fun with her and you can tell her about everything. It just weighs one and a half centners.


Provincial perceives sex only in conjunction with relationships. So let him invite you on a date, then court him for a couple of months, then at least introduce him to friends - and then she will come down. "Get it first!" is her motto. In fact, she is a puritan. That is, I am still sure that sex is about family. However, she still has casual connections, but then the provincial is very upset. Senseless gestures - he did not call her to marry!


And it's written in big letters on her forehead. That is why she does not get enough sleep, it is for this that she invests in beauty, puts on all the best at once, splurges and ignores her own sexual needs. She just doesn't feel complete without men's pants in the house and without a stamp in her passport.


The pampered metropolitan ladies will disappear, of course, as soon as something collapses again. And a provincial girl always has a supply of pasta and matches. She knows how to handle babies, because she nursed Aunt Valya's grandson, she knows how to live on five thousand a month, because she already lived like that, she, in the end, abandoned everything and conquered the capital! The problem is that all these wonderful qualities are tasty and nutritious food for a small monster whose name is provincial snobbery. Yes, yes, that is why the capital's residents rarely invite her to visit. Even at school, they heard enough monologues about how stupid they all are. Another one here will broadcast about the same thing.


She cannot break away at the first call of her friends and go with them to visit someone else's dacha. She cannot drink away the last thousand rubles, because "it just happened." She avoids acquaintances with young charismatic gouges, and she also dislikes any creative girls there. She is not interested in active sports, does not understand the very idea of ​​hitchhiking and does not read science fiction. Because she is 25 and she is already a Very Mature Woman. And all of the above - undignified. Therefore, she has serious problems with a sense of humor. She does not read irony, and self-irony is inaccessible to her in principle.


And quite sincerely believes that there is some secret knowledge that will add some magic to her double X chromosome. She is sure that a woman is not considered real if she does not have a man. And a man is a king, a god and a cat. He needs to be worshipped, but you can also slam a slipper in one place to take your soul away. The only thing that cannot be done with it is to throw it out into the street. He will disappear there! In general, a man for a provincial woman is the light in the window and the whole world. Just not a person. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo by East News.

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