What can be cleaned with toothpaste at home

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What can be cleaned with toothpaste at home
What can be cleaned with toothpaste at home

Superpowers of ordinary toothpaste that few people know about.

Super toothpaste hacks: what you can clean with it

No, she doesn't fly at night to save the world. Her last night flight was, in your memory, that very night in the pioneer camp.

Toothpaste has settled down and leads a measured life. Morning-evening, morning-evening, to work - from work. And few suspect that she is capable of more. Much more than being crushed in the teeth and spit out. Some of her skills may be useful to you. So meet the super power of toothpaste!

Clear Jewelry

No need to buy special cleaning products. Apply a little paste to the damp jewelry and gently go over with an old toothbrush. Wash off with water. Ready. Cupronickel spoons can also be cleaned with paste.

Chrome taps

Actually, ordinary soda or vinegar solution does a great job with this. But if there is neither one nor the other, and the guests will be in 15 minutes, then apply toothpaste with a damp sponge, wipe the item and rinse.

Tea and coffee marks on porcelain

No soda - take toothpaste. By the way, a good way if you are on a trip. Many people take their favorite cups with them on vacation or on a business trip, but few people carry a bag of soda with them. But pasta is always at hand.

Spots on cosmetic bag mirror

Lipstick, foundation, dried powder - no problem. A drop of toothpaste on a cotton pad will fix your mirror in no time.

Smell of onion or garlic

It's good if the knife is made of stainless steel - the smell does not stick to it. And if not, will you cut the cake? What about the smell on your fingers? Rub a little paste in your palms, leave for 10 seconds and rinse. You can do the same with a knife.

Traces of cups on the table

A dry napkin with a drop of toothpaste, and as if there had never been a tea party here.

Furniture marker

Did you pensively draw something on the table while talking on the phone? Oh, they're all kids. OK, take your toothpaste, take a tissue and rub vigorously.

Snow white soles

After a week of running, did your shoes stop shining? The paste doesn't just clean your teeth, it will make your sneakers look as white as if you just bought them. It will take a lot of paste and an old brush, but it's worth it.

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