Graffiti and Provence: Stalinka interior design ideas

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Graffiti and Provence: Stalinka interior design ideas
Graffiti and Provence: Stalinka interior design ideas

The Domashniy Ochag editorial staff visited the old Stalinist house as a guest of TV and radio presenter Ksenia Prisekina, who shared ideas for apartment renovation.

Provence and graffiti: the apartment of radio host Ksenia Prisekina

Open floor plan

"Kitchen Island" delimits the kitchen and living area. Its white color creates a visual contrast with the dark set and adds variety and dynamism to the interior.

Photo gallery

Soft comfortable sofa - the main subject of the living room - matched the color of the furniture in the kitchen. And the photos above the sofa are amateur photos from a smartphone using a Sepia filter overlay. Frames of the same shade unite them into an integral composition. Real Instagram, only on the wall!

Different eras

In the kitchen-living room, the original blue color of the walls was preserved, which had to be repainted three times to achieve the correct shade. And at the same time, on some walls, for example, behind the sofa in the living room, the Stalinist Empire style and stucco on the ceiling are complemented by absolutely modern wallpaper with a graphic pattern.

The kitchen apron is made up of different tiles and laid unevenly along the edge. The chairs in the kitchen-living room are specially selected in two contrasting shades - blue and white, because it's so much more interesting!

Ksenia Prisekina, TV and radio presenter of the RBC and OTR channel, Ph.D. in Economics, hosts the Business Case program. Lives with her husband and daughter.

“At first, a white kitchen was planned, but at the last moment I wanted Provence, and I decided to add more dark colors. I chose the color of the facades by chance, showing the darkest blue shade on the color fan and asking to add patina to it.”

One of the walls in the nursery was planned to be painted with graffiti, as a result, the initial idea turned into an interesting graphic composition, which it was decided to leave.

The wet area in the bathroom was also tiled with graffiti, and the rest of the walls were decorated with mosaics. The ceiling lamp in the bathroom is quite unusual - in the form of decorative light bulbs, descending on both sides of the mirror almost to eye level.

A glass table is both functional and decorative. But the main advantage of glass (or dense acrylic) is that such pieces of furniture do not clutter up the space at all. The ceiling stucco has been preserved throughout the apartment, but in the master bedroom it was painted in purple, in harmony with the pattern on the wallpaper and headboard.

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