16-year-old boy invents a device for a disabled pregnant woman

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16-year-old boy invents a device for a disabled pregnant woman
16-year-old boy invents a device for a disabled pregnant woman

Now she can walk with her baby without help.

A 16-year-old teenager has invented a device for a disabled pregnant woman

It all started in high school this spring. Alden Kane, like his classmates, got the opportunity to independently choose a topic for his thesis. He decided that the right thing to do would be to do something that the people close to him really and truly need.

He decided to help his pregnant neighbor, Sharina Jones. When she was five years old, she lost the ability to walk after an accident and has been using a wheelchair ever since. This did not stop her from making a successful career and getting married.

This spring, she was expecting a happy addition to the family. But she was embarrassed by the idea that after the birth of a child, she would lose even that part of the independence that she enjoys in a wheelchair.

Sharin and Alden worked together to develop a stroller that would allow a disabled mother to walk with a newborn without the need for outside help.

Together they came up with a lightweight and durable design that attaches to the stroller with a universal Quick Release connector (often used to attach baskets and child seats on bicycles). The design not only supports the weight of the child, but also allows you to attach standard car and bicycle seats for children.

“It was Sharin who helped bring the invention to fruition. After all, she knows better than anyone how convenient it should be for a disabled person to mount the structure, move with it, where to make pendants for a handbag with accessories, and so on,” Kane told The Michigan Catholic.

Kane Alden hopes that in the future his device will be mass-produced and available to other wheelchair-bound mothers.

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