My funny first kiss: 6 stories from female readers

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My funny first kiss: 6 stories from female readers
My funny first kiss: 6 stories from female readers

We love to remember with a touch of nostalgia our first love, first kiss - now everything seems so funny and touching. But then it was no laughing matter! Readers tell how it was for them.

My funny first kiss: 6 stories from female readers


"I was 13 when a guy tried to kiss me for the first time. We stood at the edge of the sidewalk. When he leaned towards me, I got so nervous that I blurted out, “Have you read Jurassic Park? Great book!” He shuddered and stopped, but before I had time to take a breath, he leaned towards me again, so abruptly that I instinctively recoiled from surprise and fell on my booty on the curb. It was so awkward … We finally kissed a couple of hours later at my house while dad pretended to take a nap in front of the TV.”


“Before kissing, I sifted through a ton of information on this subject, so I could become an academic of kissing: it was romance novels, and issues of magazines, and overheard conversations of older girls. A friend of mine has been dating a guy for a year, and she told me that for a change, they sometimes take a cookie or candy on the cheek before kissing, and then feed each other from mouth to mouth. I thought it sounded very sexy and advanced, so the first time I kissed my boyfriend, I managed to put my gum in his mouth. He recoiled with indescribable disgust on his face, pulled the gum out of his mouth and threw it into the urn, after which he continued to kiss me. I was, to put it mildly, upset that he didn't like my killer trick.”


"He was much taller than me, so it was hard to just walk up and kiss him. But I still made up my mind. But he didn’t understand why I was reaching out to him, and pulled away, and in the end I kissed him on the chin.”


"I was in eighth grade when my friend and her brother invited me to the movies. A friend's brother brought a friend with him. This friend sat next to me in the hall. In the middle of the session, he leaned towards me and whispered in a tempting tone: "I'm going to the toilet." I replied: "Yeah, cool," not understanding why this 17-year-old guy needed to ask me off to get out. Soon I received a text from him: "I'm watching X-Men: The Last Stand in the next room, come watch with me." I went to another hall and sat down next to that guy, the movie soon ended, and I offered to return. He grabbed my hand and said, "Wait, don't you want to see my superpower?" I laughed so hard at the stupid line that I accidentally spat in his mouth when he leaned over to kiss me, no wonder I never heard from that guy again.”


"My first real kiss (with tongue) nearly ended in injury. It was the last day of eighth grade. In honor of the end of the school year, the students of our school were taken to an amusement park. I was friends with one classmate - apparently, he was in love with me; but I was so naive that I didn't know it. We decided to ride together in the Castle of Fear. The train entered a dark tunnel, my friend kissed me, but I did not understand what was happening, and when the cabin shook, I almost bit off his tongue! And of course, soon the whole school knew about it.”


"The boy I was in love with called me and invited me to the cinema. When we returned home, he offered to hide somewhere and kiss. We turned into the cemetery and kissed for a few minutes behind a tree, and then he asked if I would like to become his mistress - so, without any obligations. Of course, every young girl obviously wants to hear this after the first kiss! There was nothing more between us. In addition, it turned out that two of my friends were watching us from the cinema itself and peeped everything. Based on materials from, photo: fotoimedia / Ingram.

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