21 reason why a person is not ready to have a baby

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21 reason why a person is not ready to have a baby
21 reason why a person is not ready to have a baby

The mystery of the century: why are child-free (people who do not want to have children) both here and in the West constantly attacked by haters? We and our absent children do not interfere with anyone. We don't stand in front of you in line at the antenatal clinic or at the kindergarten; our offspring do not hammer your heads in the sandbox with a shovel. Despite our "subversive activities", the world's population has grown by a couple of billion people over the past twenty years and the number of people now living exceeds the number of all who have ever lived and died. But at the same time, a child-free person constantly has to make excuses for his choice in front of barely familiar people. Sometimes to name serious, weighty, even intimate reasons; sometimes laugh it off. For example, like this:

21 reasons why a person is not ready to have a baby

1. Before becoming a driver, people study and pass exams for rights: a driver who has lost control can cause trouble. A parent who has lost control can do even more trouble, only the rights are given to him by the Constitution, default. You have to think with your head whether to allow yourself to drive motherhood or fatherhood.

2. Their he alth, perhaps, allows them to give birth. But if you weigh all your sores and sores of a loved one,and then think how many of them are inherited … As one smart person said, "my diagnosis is a very bad gift for a child on a zero birthday."

3. Child-frees love their freedom. And above all they value the theoretical opportunity to go anywhere at any moment, as soon as the heel itches, - even to Bali, even to Altai - and so far they are not ready from refuse this. (Actually, they don't travel much - they don't have incomes like Kim Kardashian's. But the idea itself is dear to them.)

4. They can't stand all these Smeshariki, little ponies and monster school - or whatever now. And they don't want them to flood their house.

5. They are squeamish and can't do anything about it. They get sick when their kids are sick, not to mention all those diapers, pots, dirty food and other "delights".

6. They just don't want to have children. They are not touched by photos of other people's offspring, they just don't understand why these images are shoved under their noses - fu, gifs with kittens are better.

7. They are almost halfway through that 100500-piece puzzle and they dream of finishing it before a little ball of energy rips everything to shreds.

8. They can't afford to have kids. They've had enough fighting for their own survival, buying new socks is an event for them, and they know they can't feed another eater (and they won’t clothe him, they won’t be able to provide him with quality medical care, a good education, and - in the future - housing, not to mention the prohibitive costs of diapers and pampering the baby with toys and harmful candy).

9. At the slightest sound of a baby crying, they are also on the verge of tears, or on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

10. They would be too scared to have a mini-me.They think: “What if the children take from me all the worst that is in me? Wouldn't it be better to understand yourself first?”

11. They had a hamster and it died. Really, hamsters don't live very long, do they?

12. They don't even have potted flowers.Even cacti and spurges that hardly need watering.

13. They still haven't met their one (one) with whom they would like to have a baby

14. They have housing problems, which are difficult to solve even without a child.

15. They are used to hanging out with people who are endowed with a sense of humor and their own opinions. Until you wait for the child to reach an age when it becomes interesting with him, you will die of boredom.

16. Their mother is eager to participate in the upbringing of future grandchildren. Thank you. She has already raised a man who is not able to provide himself with socks and nurture a cactus. But pasaran!

17. Last year they left the house with the iron on. Which means they will easily forget the child in the store or something. later became a star of the local press: he and his wife got drunk and forgot the child on the street.That's when I was glad that falling in love ended in nothing.)

18. They are conservative and do not like changes in the interior. And the designer streak is very strong in children, and the kids do not think for a long time about what kalyaba-malaba or chik-chik scissors will decorate wallpapers, sofas and mom's favorite dress.

19. They haven't grown up yet. Whether they're 20 or 40. They'll always be Peter Pans.

20. They have a hard time even ordering from a diner, choosing between Big Mac and McBig. And parents should always have the answers to everything and the ability to make lightning-fast decisions.

21. They write the article “21 reasons why a person is not ready to have a baby” and they know that each item has already been voiced a thousand times: to their gynecologist, relatives, idle aunts, that guy… Oh.

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