Female age: How to accept your changed body?

Female age: How to accept your changed body?
Female age: How to accept your changed body?

The boundaries of age are rapidly receding, there are more and more youthful fit women over 50 on the streets. Effective cosmetic possibilities appeared, ladies began to take more care of themselves. Therefore, often a woman of 60 years old looks 50, 50 - 40, and sometimes even younger. Irina Yergina, an image stylist and columnist for www.baba-deda.ru, recommends how to choose the right wardrobe so as not to look stupid.

Women's age: How to accept your changed body?

There are a few nuances that can give away your age and upset you. For example, wrinkles not only on the face, but also on the skin of the hands and knees, veins on the legs, gray hair, etc. Changes are inevitable, and whether to suffer about this or look for a way out, the choice is yours. I want to offer you several ways to profitably feed your body:


Short tight sleeves won't work for full arms, and full arms in sleeveless tops won't always look good. The most suitable styles of sleeves will be: “bat”, “kimono”, “frill”, sleeve with a slit, voluminous translucent sleeve, wide sleeve ¾.

Most often, the skin in the armpit area suffers from the first age: it sags, does not look attractive. Therefore, wear a top with at least a small sleeve. Even for hot days, you can find a lot of options for yourself, for example, short sleeves, ¾ sleeves, wing sleeves, flounced sleeves, petal sleeves, kimono sleeves, long translucent sleeves.

Effective detail on the part of the hands that you are proud of will be able to divert attention from the problem area. For example, an interesting bracelet on the wrist.

And if the dress code or the soul requires wearing a sleeveless thing, with straps (for example, for an evening event), I recommend a light tippet or an elegant bolero for “covering up”.


Hide age-related imperfections on the legs is quite simple. The whole question is in the length and styles of the bottoms.

Ultra-mini and skinny jeans are banned. Can you wear a mini? Yes, but only in the country or by the sea, and preferably shorts.

The best length, which allows, among other things, shoes without a heel is Italian (knee-deep, plus or minus a few centimeters). The Italian length is recognized as the most elegant and suitable for most female figures. The universal formula for choosing exactly your Italian length (for example, in the case of skirts or dresses) will be the following: knee length +3 cm. Choose the cut of the bottom taking into account the type of figure. So, a skinny pencil skirt will suit women with narrow hips, and if your hips are voluminous, then straight and A-line skirts can become your skirts.

The midi and maxi lengths are sure to veil imperfect legs even better. If you choose these lengths, please note that they look best with heels.

From cropped trousers, I recommend the following styles: breeches, capris, trousers 7/8, culottes.


The neck of a woman of elegant age is shown more freely than her arms, shoulders and knees. If, nevertheless, you are afraid that your neck will not look attractive enough, then use light scarves, stand-up collars, bottlenecks with a neck that will hide skin imperfections.

A shortened string of beads and the same scarf will help hide possible scars in the neck area, which, by the way, become invisible to others over time.

If the skin on the neck looks well, if not elastic, but quite worthy, do not be embarrassed and do not be afraid to expose it. And take care of yourself: do contrast compresses, special exercises for the neck line, moisturize it. The sooner you start, the better!


I have a lot of respect for gray hair. In my opinion, gray hair is exquisite and demonstrates a woman's belief in her attractiveness. And a well-groomed gray hairstyle can become your decoration:

Find the right haircut. Of course, short haircuts will look the most modern: perky, embossed, voluminous.

You can afford longer hair. A thin mouse ponytail of gray hair is not aesthetically pleasing, but beautifully styled and well-groomed hair is very attractive.

Search for your clothing colors:

Pale blue, lavender, light pink, dark purple, gray-blue colors will suit the appearance of "gray hair + light blue or muted green eyes" (rather, earlier blondes).

Pure white, indigo, classic green, fuchsia, purple, raspberry, blue colors will suit the appearance of "gray hair + blue, brown, bright green eyes" (rather, earlier brunettes).


Find your winning spots and buy clothes or accessories that highlight them. Some will have legs, some will have a neck, some will have wrists or chest - everyone has something to be proud of!

Your bottoms (skirts, trousers) should slide smoothly over the body, falling in beautiful folds.

The best fabrics for jackets or coats are soft. Rigid fabric will make you square. If you prefer printed clothes, then choose a vertical pattern. Styles of jackets and coats are desirable slightly fitted.

Women with full hips need to visually narrow the bottom and expand the top. This can be done using certain models (for example, straight or slightly flared trousers made of soft fabric, year-style skirts, flared wedges, straight, blouses with details in the shoulder and chest area, wrap dress), or colors (for example, combine darker bottom and brighter or lighter top).

Women with a wide, full torso and a full waist need to visually lengthen the torso and smooth out the fullness of the chest and waist, and also favorably serve the lower body and legs. For example, in this case, straight trousers with a smooth top and smoothly falling legs made of jersey, elastic wool, denim, silk crepe, a pencil skirt in combination with a tunic, a skirt with small folds of soft wool, a V-neck top, sheath dress and low waist dress.

A-line dress, tunic dress, loose-fitting drawstring trousers, cocoon coat and swinger coat will help to hide a voluminous belly.

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