17 reasons we don't want to be friends with Carrie Bradshaw

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17 reasons we don't want to be friends with Carrie Bradshaw
17 reasons we don't want to be friends with Carrie Bradshaw

The legendary Carrie from Sex and the City is a dream girlfriend. Who among us didn't want to have a couple of cocktails with her or go shopping? Honestly, that's about it… We have 17 proofs that Carrie Bradshaw is the worst girlfriend in the world.

17 Reasons We Don't Want To Be Friends With Carrie Bradshaw

1. She arrives an hour late and starts talking about herself. About my shoe addiction. About problems with Mr. Big. About what literary critic Michiko Kakutani wrote about her in The Times. What? Do you have bigger problems? Tumor suspicion? Oh wait, do you know what her Russian boyfriend texted her?

2. Everything she says is important. Especially her puns. Are you tired of appreciating them yet?

4. At a friendly dinner, she will suddenly ask you how often you give a blowjob to your husband. And when you raise an eyebrow in bewilderment or blush, she will wave her hand: “Oh, I won’t tell anyone!”

5. She won't say. She will write. All the details of your personal life will be recounted in the weekly column, and she won't even bother to change the names of the main characters. Well, unless he signs Alena Ivanova as "Alena I.".

6. Her abs are beautiful, but she constantly shows them in inappropriate places: at a party for young mothers, at a church service, while meeting her boyfriend's parents, at a wedding. Did she have all her blouses shrunk from the laundry?

7. When she's checking out her closet, you'll spend all day evaluating her looks. In the end, she will generously give you everything that she decided to get rid of, but not that it really suits you.

8. What do you mean you can't go somewhere because you've overspent? She spends thousands of dollars a month on shoes, rides in taxis, drinks $18 Cosmopolitan (and that's all for a columnist's salary? Okay…) and has no idea that some people live differently.

9. She can't drive, so on trips and trips you'll have to drive. And she will, of course, sip Cosmopolitan all the way.

10. She won't show up at the dinner you hosted in her honor. She's original!

11. She is unlikely to agree to go somewhere where it will not matter what she wears. Picnic in the woods? She'll have to spend the weekend in sneakers and no one will even notice they're Dior!

12. She has a terrible husband that you have to spend time with. Mr. Big is narcissistic, aged and immature at the same time. You know what we're talking about.

13. She is afraid to take responsibility for pets, so she has a gay friend who will replace her pet dog. To walk with her, he must look appropriate.

14. She is not very versed in technology and gadgets. You will have to teach her how to use the Subway Map app. Which she would never use anyway…

15 …and won't visit you if you live in a residential area. In her opinion, there can be nothing interesting there, except for a gang of dysfunctional teenagers and a cluster of minibuses. How can you even live there? This is a he alth hazard!

16. She will be mortally offended if you decide to straighten her brains out about her relationship with her ex, but at the same time she will not fail to scold you if you suddenly decide to have an affair with a girl. What do you mean it's all your business?

17. When you share your serious problem with her and ask for advice, she recalls that 13 years ago a similar incident happened to her. How she suffered then! Everything, the conversation is again dedicated to her. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: footage from the Sex and the City series.

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