7 madness and exploits committed for the sake of a woman

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7 madness and exploits committed for the sake of a woman
7 madness and exploits committed for the sake of a woman

They say a woman gives and a man takes. And these guys did the opposite - for the sake of love they could unleash a war, and kill, and conquer an entire country as a birthday present. We found 7 things done for a woman in different eras.

What a man is ready for for love: 7 real feats then and now

I'm on you like I'm at war

According to ancient Greek mythology, Elena is the most beautiful of women. And in the fatal hour, it was Paris who laid eyes on her, who not only stole his beloved (someone else's wife, by the way), but also unleashed a real war for her. As a result, Paris died, and with him a large army, Troy lost the war, and Helen herself returned to her husband Menelaus. This feat (it is difficult to answer the question whether this act had any sense at all) went down in history as an example of reckless behavior and a symbol of great love.

What about today?

I wouldn't want a war to start because of some young lady and her lover. Let's live together!

Do not renounce loving

Once King of Great Britain and Emperor of India Edward met his love - divorced Wallis Simpson, a girl of no blue blood. This nuance did not affect the feelings of the man in any way, but on the contrary: Edward considered it impossible to rule the country without the support of his beloved woman. Such a risky move in 1936 led to the abdication in favor of his brother Albert. Wallis and Edward - aka the Duke of Windsor - married in 1937 at the Château de Cande and quietly lived out their lives until Edward's death in 1972.

What about today?

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge, morals are not the same now. Look, Prince William still married a girl "of the people" Kate Middleton. And he managed to do it without consequences for his official status. Even my grandmother approved. Love wins, this is good news.

Desperate lawbreaker

Colin O'Neill didn't have to start a years-long war or abdicate - just a normal guy after all. But for the attention of the desired woman, he had to work hard! Ironically, the guy's lover Doris Lemon was a traffic inspector and did not notice the inconspicuous young man at all. So Colin had to break the rules over and over again, parking his car in the wrong place so that Doris, dear to her heart, would write him tickets.

Romance, of course, the cat cried, but Colin managed to attract attention! Apparently, Doris loves bad guys, because soon the goal was achieved and the traffic inspector became the lawful wife of the offender. By the way, even before the wedding, O'Neal paid a large fine and completed 110 hours of community service.

What about today?

It's scary to think how Colin would attract the attention of a girl if she worked in forensics.

Effective trick

In the 90s in America, the series "Dr. Quinn, a female doctor" was popular, where the main roles were played by Joe Lando and Jane Seymour. Lando was so in love with his partner that he spread his peacock tail, trying to charm the girl not with his charisma and sense of humor (and we love that!), But with tricks, because of which he ended up in the hospital. Joe Lando wanted to perform a complex trick as effectively as possible when he took off on a horse from a run. As a result, instead of the expected result, the actor flew past the mare and fell on his own neck. The horse is delighted, Jane Seymour is so moved by his act that she allowed him to enjoy her love a little, but married the series director James Keach. Such is life: women prefer winners over wild suitors.

What about today?

Apparently, with age, men become smarter, so the actor married Kirsten Barlow, who bore him four children. All is well that ends well. Well, at least he survived!

From Russia with love

Kenny Garrett is a famous American saxophonist who naturally knew very little about Russia: bears, vodka and the Russian mafia. This was the end of his knowledge, which cannot be said about the horizons of his beloved wife Saida. She loved Russia because her grandmother was from Ukraine. And in the recent 2000, Kenny went on tour to Russia. The artist was expecting his trip in undisguised horror, which he frankly spoke about in an interview with the Sunday Times newspaper: “I'm really in shock. I know that there are bandits and the mafia. But there are worse things out there. There is no sewerage! And toilet paper is made as hard as sandpaper. But if Saida wants to, I say "Let's go!" Although you have no idea how horrified I am…”

What about today?

Now Americans know a little more about our country, although terrible legends still exist about vodka and bears.

And the whole world is not enough

The next time your man asks the question "Darling, what do you get for your birthday?", don't be modest. Better tell him about Napoleon, who decided not to waste time on trifles and gave his wife Josephine … Sicily. Yes, the French emperor won this "modest" gift in 1799, making his beloved the mistress of the island.

What about today?

Darling, win me a trip to Turkey!

Hand, heart and finger

An ordinary Indian man Gunasekaran, being crazy about the governor of one of the Indian states, Jailalita Jairam, decided to win the attention of a woman in some strange way. Jumping on a horse and breaking his neck turned out to be too small an idea for him, so the lover brought to the Hindu temple … his own little finger. True, Jairam did not appreciate such generosity and demanded to sew the finger back. Naturally, she refused to associate her life with a crazy person, preferring more sensible men. And she did the right thing.

What about today?

Women prefer to be given a hand and a heart, but in such a way that everyone is he althy.

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