Andrey Gaidulyan's bride showed fresh photos of the actor

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Andrey Gaidulyan's bride showed fresh photos of the actor
Andrey Gaidulyan's bride showed fresh photos of the actor

The other day, the girl posted several fresh photos of the actor on her Instagram. They both look happy and content.

The bride of Andrey Gaidulyan showed fresh photos of the actor

Since July of this year, the whole country has been following the life of the actor Andrey Gaidulyan. Fans are worried about the he alth of their pet. Recall that this summer, celebrities were diagnosed with lymphoma. After examination in the capital's clinic, the doctors sent the artist for treatment in Germany to one of the local cancer clinics.

After some time, it became known that Andrei was on the mend, but not having time to rejoice at this news, the fans learned that the disease had returned with renewed vigor. A month after this news, the actor with his fiancée, Diana Ochilova, who followed her fiancé without hesitation to give him maximum support, recorded a video message for all empathizers. It reported that the artist was feeling better and there was a stable positive trend in treatment.

After this video, nothing was heard about the celebrity, and speculation began to appear in the press about another deterioration in the patient's condition. But the other day, Andrey's beloved, Diana, posted a fresh photo with her fiancé on her Instagram. In the picture, the young look happy and relaxed. Numerous encouraging comments followed from subscribers with wishes for a speedy recovery. In this regard, Gaidulyan and his fiancee decided to thank everyone for such kind words and support. The girl posted another joint photo on the social network, which was accompanied by the words: “Friends, thank you all for your support! We are fine!" (author's spelling and punctuation preserved).

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