100 ways to spend time together

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100 ways to spend time together
100 ways to spend time together

Sad but true: most couples spend their evenings together at home on the couch, buried in gadgets. A romantic evening is a trip to the cinema or to a restaurant. That, in fact, is all, but meanwhile, there are at least 100 ways to spend time together so that both of you will remember it for a long time.

100 ways to spend time together

1. Have a youtube party: stock up on popcorn and show each other your favorite videos.

2. Take a ride on the river bus.

3. Play a board game from your childhood - dominoes or snakes and ladders.

4. Write an essay on "How we spent our summer" (and don't show it to your grandmothers. Never).

5. Feed the ducks and swans in the pond.

6. Arrange a bike ride to places that are especially dear to you. Show each other where your "place of power" is in this city.

7. Sign up for a trial martial arts class and spar with each other.

8. Give each other a massage according to the classic instructions for masseurs.

9. Buy indoor flowers and transplant them together.

10. Give each other a photo shoot.

11. Cook the things you never have time for. Homemade dumplings, for example.

12. Stage your alleged first date. Imagine that you just met. (Great excuse to buy a new dress btw)

13. Take a beautiful selfie, post it on Facebook and ask your followers what famous couple you look like. Read, argue and have fun.

14. Make a romantic video about you. Just call.

15. Grab a tent and go camping for the weekend.

16. Walk your dog. If you do not have one, you can help volunteers from a dog shelter or just a grandmother from a neighboring apartment.

17. Read your favorite role-play books.

18. Cook a dish together that you both have never tried.

19. 19. Buy a map of your city and pretend you are a tourist. Try to get lost and look for the right route on the map.

20. Clear out your closets and decide which items to donate to those in need and which items to throw away. Agree in advance not to encroach on the sacred - for example, on your favorite kindergarten dress and his patched waders.

21. Restore any old thing - grandmother's chair, for example. Draw your initials in a secluded area.

22. Go to the store and try on things you would never buy yourself.

23. Watch a horror movie, then cook cocoa, turn off the lights and tell each other scary stories about the Black Hand and the Coffin on Wheels

24. Paint each other with body paint.

25. Build something. A flower bed, sandbox or cat house.

26. Arrange a tournament on computer games of your childhood. Whose Mario will collect more coins?

27. Complete the 5000-piece puzzle (before that, stock up on sandwiches and kick the cat out of the room).

28. Go fishing. Don't forget to bring a bowler hat.

29. Sign up for dances and go there together.

30. Help someone. Save a homeless kitten or take a package of toys to an orphanage.

31. Go to a rock festival. Put on some stupid musician t-shirts and pretend you're 15 years old and have your first love.

32. Do-it-yourself cosmetic repairs in the room.

33. Have a classic picnic with baskets, checkered tablecloths and champagne glasses.

34. Go for a walk and meet someone. Just. A great way to find new mutual friends.

35. Watch sunrise and sunset together.

36. Watch a famous movie together and come up with a sequel you'd like to make.

37. Play billiards. On desire.

38. Sing a duet in karaoke.

39. Roller skating in the most beautiful park in your city.

40. Go to the forest for berries or mushrooms.

41. Try talking only in sign language all day long

42. Buy a ticket to the dolphinarium and swim with dolphins

43. Play confectioners. Bake a cake and decorate it together

44. Buy a paper lantern, make a wish and launch it into the sky

45. Have an evening of childhood memories and tell each other Terrible Secrets about your mother's favorite vase, broken by a precise hit of the ball.

46. Bake fortune cookies. The crazier the predictions, the merrier.

47. Arrange a street workshop. Teach everyone how to make bird feeders, for example.

48. Rent a canoe and try to swim to the middle of the pond without falling into the water.

49. Buy the most delicious alcohol and make your own cocktails for each other.

50. Carve a scarecrow out of a pumpkin for Halloween.

51. Write a funny song to the tune of some solid hit like “Moscow Evenings”

52. Have breakfast in bed.

53. Go to the zoo and be sure to buy yourself some cotton candy.

54. Launch a kite. It's not as easy as it looks.

55. Sign up for a role play game and turn into your favorite characters.

56. Go to the water park and ride along the scariest slides.

57. Spend the day at the amusement park.

58. Rent an ATV or snowmobile and go off-road.

59. Buy lottery tickets and watch the numbers appear on the screen together.

60. Play cards not for fun, bet some serious prize.

61. Decorate the apartment for any holiday.

62. Go horse riding through the forest.

63. Drive through the city in the dead of night.

64. Play sea battle and bullshit. Necessarily on leaves in a box, so as in childhood.

65. Set up a cinematic marathon. Show each other the most important films.

66. Go to football. Well, or any other game where you can cheer for the team loudly.

67. Go to the flea market and look for things that you had as a child.

68. Take some serious psychological tests together.

69. Make a bet. The harder it is to win the argument, the more fun.

70. Book a hotel room and just be alone for a couple of days.

71. Make a to-do list for the year ahead. You will definitely want to do something right now.

72. Take a trip to a country or city that is not very popular with tourists. There, you won't be distracted by typical holiday entertainment.

73. Go to the hippodrome and bet money on different horses. Cheer and win.

74. Assemble the puzzle.

75. Arrange a session of psychoanalysis and tell each other about your phobias.

76. Draw a family tree.

77. Go to the dacha and plant an apple tree.

78. Get out your childhood pictures and have a night of remembrance.

79. Boil the jam, pour it into small jars and stick labels with your names on them. Give jam to friends.

80. Try drawing portraits of each other.

81. Write a letter to the future. Imagine yourself in 10 years - what do you want to say to yourself?

82. Go in for sports together. A pool or ice rink is best.

83. Choose some unusual museum and go there early in the morning when no one is around.

84. Come up with a themed week. Culinary, dance, cinematic - whatever you like best. Dedicate every evening to this activity.

85. Set up a competition. Who will mix a cocktail faster or who will write a poem on a given topic funnier?

86. Take a chance! Go skydiving or fly in a hot air balloon.

87. Invite loved ones to a family dinner and prepare for it together.

88. Start learning a foreign language together.

89. Write a picture that you would like to hang in your bedroom. There are many drawing tutorials online.

90. Go to the spa together.

91. Choose any room in the house and do a complete rearrangement there.

92. Write down your plans for the future life together.

93. Rent a telescope and try to find all the constellations you know.

94. Take a bubble bath together.

95. Read the same book and share your experience.

96. Go to the village and try on a completely different life. Try milking the cow, lighting the stove and waking up with roosters.

97. Go to the store and buy gifts for each other. Just like that.

98. Poke anywhere on the map near your city and go there by car. There's definitely something interesting in there. Well, or impassable.

99. Dream aloud. What would you think if you found a magic lamp with a genie?

100. Have sex. Not the usual way, but the way you haven't tried it yet. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia.

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