The mother was sure that this was not her child. And I was not mistaken

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The mother was sure that this was not her child. And I was not mistaken
The mother was sure that this was not her child. And I was not mistaken

Mother said that this was not her baby, and three months later she achieved the return of her own son.

Foundling from the hospital: how mothers planted the wrong baby

A young couple from Texas, Mercedes Casanellas and her husband Richard Cushworth have secured the return of their newborn son to the family. The couple went to give birth together in El Salvador, as Mercedes insisted that she wanted to give birth where she was born and raised herself. The birth was successful, and the mother and newborn son Jacob were discharged from the hospital.

But the next day, the woman said that she had been replaced in the maternity hospital. The baby was darker than she expected and did not look like her own son. The doctors dismissed it. They believed that the mother was too excited about childbirth, that the child was actually hers, and in general, all children darken after childbirth. Hispanic mestizo children especially, why are you so worried, mommy?

The couple returned to Texas with their baby. Mercedes continued to insist that the boy was not hers. “I spent hours looking at our photo of the three of us, trying to find a resemblance to at least one of us,” she said in an interview with Fox News. “I wanted to convince myself that he was really ours, that sooner or later he would become like us, but my maternal instinct screamed at me that my baby was not with me.”

In the end, she proved herself right. The couple did a DNA test, which showed that the boy is biologically not their child. Authorities in El Salvador launched an investigation into the incident and conducted DNA tests on four other boys who were born at the clinic on the same day as Jacob. And only after that their own, dear and real Jacob was found and returned to them. He spent three months in a strange family.

An investigation has been launched into Dr. Alejandro Guidos, who delivered the baby that day. The doctor denies that there was any breach of procedures at the clinic and has no idea how the substitution could have happened at all. Meanwhile, the real parents of the black foundling Jacob were never found as a result of the investigation.

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