Slimming underwear: tested on him

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Slimming underwear: tested on him
Slimming underwear: tested on him

We often whine: it's good for you guys, but suffer for us - high heels, tight underwear, it takes half a morning to style … And the men decided to sympathize with us. One employee of the magazine agreed to feel all the “charms” of slimming underwear on his body. Here are excerpts from his diary.

Slimming underwear: tested on him

I'm not big, I'm of normal build. You probably wouldn't mind if I sat next to you on a crowded bus, because I wouldn't push you into a corner. I mean, I don't really have anything to worry about. I have an imperfect figure and have fat, but I don’t think that I need to work and work on it. Still, I decided to try shapewear for a week because I had no idea what it was like for women who wear it all the time.

"I think it's a big deal," I thought.


The shapewear I was given was some kind of long boxer shorts or fight leotards that ended in the middle of my chest. I faked my swim trunks: it was more comfortable for me, and no one explained to me how to wear it all right.

At first, when I put on this shapewear, I didn't see any difference at all. I have some belly fat. And the whole effect of the linen was that it tightly stuck around and emphasized my folds. I thought that there would still be clothes on top of the linen and it would brighten everything up, but I was surprised that everything gathered in lumps. I spent the first day of the experiment in an air-conditioned office, which is probably why I did not notice any discomfort. The only annoying thing was that I had to pull it off every time I needed to go to the bathroom.


Walking to work in this underwear turned out to be unpleasant. It was already very hot, and I had an extra non-breathable layer under my clothes. By the time I got to the subway, it was like lava had been poured down my pants. Some woman in the carriage moved away from me. Maybe she saw a free place, or maybe she heard my personal belongings complaining about life.

Effect is still invisible.


Shapewear rolled off me until I put on two pairs of boxers, which is kind of stupid to do in the midst of the summer heat. And you can’t fix it until you go to the toilet. Well, unless you're so cool that you can stroke your torso in front of everyone. So-so idea. I struggled all day with the fact that it rolled off my chest, and this only emphasized the folds at the waist.


Now I'm convinced shapewear is meant to make you feel more flexible. I felt like I could do the Catherine Zeta-Jones stunt in The Trap by sneaking between the beams of lasers. It gave me a strange sense of confidence. I don't think I looked any different, but I felt thinner, which must mean something…

Wait a minute, I just looked at how much it costs - and it would go to hell! I thought it was 400 rubles. The one I'm wearing costs about 2500 rubles, and I'm sure you'll want to buy several pairs so that you don't wash this sweaty suit every night.


I've already forgotten the short-term inspiration that I experienced because of this linen yesterday. My morning starts with "don't forget to put on that stuff." And I wear it all day. I take it off before I go to the gym. No difference.


I'm 100% convinced that shapewear is an idiotic waste of money. I've already stretched it out in a week of wearing it and no one even complimented my figure.


I haven't worn it for most of today because I went to the lake all day for a swim. And here it is, a contradiction: perhaps it would be useful to me now to tighten my stomach, but I couldn’t walk around in it with all the honest people?


My attitude to shapewear is rather ambiguous. It has its own certain advantages. But there are a lot of minuses: it is expensive, uncomfortable to wear, the effect, regardless of your physique, is negligible. Even if there is some use from it, it is not worth it to sweat and experience discomfort every day for 8 working hours (+ commuting to and from work).

Experienced inconvenience, I regard as moderate. This is not an instrument of torture. It does not pierce the body enough to cause tissue necrosis. If women want to wear shapewear and think that their proportions have improved a little, if it really gives them a little confidence - go for it. But from a guy's point of view, these inconveniences are not worth it. You will probably get a lot of compliments without it (and no one ever told me anything). Based on materials from, photo:

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