Don't buy your mom a thong! What kind of lingerie do elegant women need?

Don't buy your mom a thong! What kind of lingerie do elegant women need?
Don't buy your mom a thong! What kind of lingerie do elegant women need?

To visually correct a figure that has swum a little after 50 years, correctly selected special underwear will help. Irina Yergina, an image stylist and columnist at, will tell you how to choose it.

Don't buy your mom a thong! What kind of lingerie do elegant women need?


1. Never buy a bra without trying it on, but when trying it on, fasten it on the middle clasp (usually there are 3 clasps on the bra). Then, even if the breasts increase or decrease a little, you can use the first or last clasps, and wear this bra without discomfort.

2. If your bra straps show through your clothing, it is too small for you and you should look for another size.

3. Look for models that support the chest, with underwire and small foam pads.

4. For very full breasts, a bra with wide straps will be optimal

5. A practical smooth bra (sports) is suitable for T-shirts, close-fitting tops, turtlenecks. Lace bras are an option for blouses and loose tops. The idea is that the relief of the linen should not show through the clothes too much.


1. Panties should also not be visible. Tight panties run the risk of looking even fatter, as the elastic cuts into the stomach and buttocks and forms unattractive 'rolls'.

2. Keep several types of panties in your wardrobe:

High, closed or panties - for trousers

Bikini - for low-waisted skirts and trousers

Loose, in the style of shorts - for skirts and dresses.

I don't recommend thongs because this model is not very comfortable. It is better to replace them if necessary with seamless underwear.

3. Keep in the linen drawer not only neutral-colored linen, but also several bright models. Just for the mood!


1. When you are over 50, you can only wear dark colors

Nonsense. Wear dark, light, and bright colors. Important to:

Firstly, the color scheme suited you according to the type of appearance (and this is always very important, especially in adulthood).

· Secondly, the colors matched your temperament. Don't follow fashion, follow your soul.

· Third, strive for the golden rule of "one bright thing in the set, the rest are calm." Then your image will be both worthy and stylish, and reflecting your personality.

By the way, for showy women, an excellent color combination will be monochrome, even consisting of bright shades + one accessory that stands out in color.

2. When you are over 50, you can only wear something very old-fashioned, long and baggy

No, no, and no again.

· Wear clothes that fit and fit.

· Do not hide the dignity of the figure, do not be afraid to show your legs (I wrote about acceptable length a little higher), feel free to use light translucency, cutouts and cuts.

· Choose feminine pieces with a comfortable fit.

Follow fashion but don't blindly follow it: invest in traditional pieces with modern details.

3. For people of the "third age" only sedate, strict styles are allowed

Yes, it used to be like that. But in the modern world there is no longer an unambiguous definition of old age. And if earlier those who crossed the mark of 60 were attributed to the elderly, now they are already called, in the worst case, “young old people”, and most often - people of mature age. Therefore, there are no special restrictions in the choice of clothing style. Taboo only on obvious youth styles: naive romance, hipster, total grunge, styles of youth subcultures, for example, emo, gothic.

Most of the styles are available to you, if you want - dress in rock style with chic elements, if you want - complement the outfit with nuances from boho style, if you want - use military or safari style to express yourself. Everything is allowed, with an eye to those small rules for selecting outfits that I described above.

The main thing is that your external image is in harmony with the way you think and your lifestyle.

And remember that age is not a sentence, but a lot of advantages, new colors and opportunities, both in the wardrobe and in life.

Be beautiful always!

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