Husband beats? The movers will sort it out

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Husband beats? The movers will sort it out
Husband beats? The movers will sort it out

If a hand is raised at you in the house, there is a desire to pack things, children and leave immediately.

Husband beats? The movers will sort it out

Only how much will you take away alone and with children under your arm? This question has been solved by men from a California trucking company for a quarter of a century.

More than 100 strong young men, mostly college students, are helping women who have experienced domestic violence for free. In the United States, there are special shelters and shelters where a woman can go with a child if it is dangerous for them to be at home.

But asylum is granted only temporarily. How to pick up things? How to transport them to a new home? How to communicate with your inadequate ex?

Meathead Movers, whose ironic self-name translates as "Protein Jock Loaders", solves these issues for free. They receive information from social services and shelters for victims of domestic violence. When a woman arrives to collect her belongings, several hefty guys arrive with her, calmly load them into a car and transport them to a safe place.

And it's all free. Just out of respect for women and understanding what the role of a man really is.

"It's terrible when a woman has to think about how to pack her things, children and run away before the abuser gets home," says Aaron Steed, president and founder of the company.

He started this company in 1997 with his brother Evan. Then she herself was a student and the two of them earned a living by transporting their truck. And two years after the start of the company, they began to transport injured women for free. And for 26 years now, the company has been quietly, without attracting too much attention, cooperating with the police, the church and social services.

“Now we have over 100 employees and they are all proud of their work. Life is not limited to making money. A man in the correct sense of the word does not beat women. He protects and helps. And since we can do it, we do it.”

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