It would be better without social media. Why?

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It would be better without social media. Why?
It would be better without social media. Why?

Once upon a time, when there was only a telephone, all communication was by voice. And left no traces to walk on and be horrified. Everything has changed today. You write nonsense today, and in a year, two, three it is alive.

It would be better without social media. Why?

Here are a few reasons why life was calmer and happier without social networks:

- You didn't run to see what your friends just liked. Because it used to mean getting dressed and driving across town.

- None of your friends knew that this summer you looked far from perfect in a swimsuit.

- No one sent you "Join the fun pigs with your girlfriend" notifications, and it didn't occur to you to join. No, it certainly was in your life, but then it did not mean an online game.

- The employer could not see by your likes and grades that you are desperately bored and doing god knows what at work.

- You didn't know how big your daughter's new pal wears ear tunnels.

- Before hiring, no one could have known from your Instagram that you were rocking uncontrollably at every holiday that turned up and therefore you better not pour.

- From your friends and comments, they could not figure out your ex.

- Have you looked into your friend feed for a minute to wake up two hours later and realize that you are seriously discussing wallpaper in the nursery for a newborn in the comments of your friend's friend (despite the fact that you do not even know each other, but your own children are finishing school this year).

- And finally, no one gave you advice on how to cook a casserole, unless you directly asked for it.

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