How to choose a bra?

How to choose a bra?
How to choose a bra?

Choosing the perfect bra is an almost impossible task: it's tight here, it's falling off here, the straps cut into the shoulders, and the cups have to be adjusted all the time … A familiar situation? But now she is in the past! Using our tips, you will forget about these problems. From now on, underwear will properly support the chest and sit perfectly on your figure.

How to choose the perfect bra

Here are 6 easy steps to get the perfect bra

Understandwhat exactly worries you when you wear your bra. Maybe the bolsters on the back, maybe the neckline is not beautiful enough?

Start by trying on bras that are smaller (underbust) or have cups one or two sizes larger than what you are currently wearing. When one of them seems to suit you, bend over and “tuck” your chest into the cups of the bra so that nothing gathers under the armpits. Straighten up.

When trying on a bra, fasten it on the outermost hooks, because the bodice stretches over time. Let there be a supply.

Checkhow the bodice is held on the back, whether it will “ride” on it. If you think so, try a smaller underbust bra.

Tighten the straps so that the chest is exactly in the middle between the elbow and shoulder. As pictured.

Put on atop or blouse to see the results. Is the bra visible? Do you feel fitter? If you don't seem, then repeat everything from the second step with a different bra.

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