11 Features of Fine Hair That Can Ruin Your Nerves

11 Features of Fine Hair That Can Ruin Your Nerves
11 Features of Fine Hair That Can Ruin Your Nerves

If you're the lucky owner of fine or blonde hair, some things will sound familiar.

11 Things Only Women with Fine Hair Know

"Your beautiful fine hair" says hairdressers

Yes? And right after: "But there are a lot of them." To tell the truth, you have as many of them as ordinary people - a hundred thousand. Yes, that's a lot if you only look at the numbers, but they are thinner and seem to be much smaller.

"Let's profile" they say

Usually it sounds like this: "Let's do thinning?". You refuse. Ten minutes later, they offer it to you again, justifying this by the fact that the hairstyle will be more voluminous. And so on ad infinitum.

You hate the word "volume"

You hear it everywhere: in the pharmacy, beauty store, magazine, TV and commercials. These funds promise to add volume, and you believe these words again and again, but in fact you have lost count of attempts to acquire this notorious volume and the amount spent on these funds. And as a result, the hair only gets heavier.

Home styling

You try to master this tricky science, watch tutorial videos on YouTube and nothing comes out.

Laying upside down

You are a big fan of this style, because when it works, you enjoy a luxurious female mane for a couple of hours.

Static electricity and unruly hair

Two more phenomena from which the teeth are reduced like a lemon. A good hairstyling product costs as much as a cast-iron bridge, and after trying hundreds of them, you are still not sure that it actually exists.

There are days when nothing helps

The most real "flat" days. Papilotki, curlers, curling iron - nothing. Volume? Yeah. For 10 minutes.

Moroccan hair oil

Oh, you have to be very careful with him. Yes, it can help tame unruly hair, but the transition from glossy to greasy hair is almost imperceptible.

And always with your head covered

Even on a hot sunny day, you have to wear a hat or a scarf, because getting a sunburn on the scalp is not only ugly, but also very unpleasant.

Buff is sometimes impossible to comb

Sometimes bobby pins and hairpins don't work.

Curly people envy you

Sure: you have straight, smooth hair that looks fabulous when styled properly!

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