The cherished wish of a three-year-old disabled boy

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The cherished wish of a three-year-old disabled boy
The cherished wish of a three-year-old disabled boy

And he chose not to go to Disneyland, but dad.

The cherished desire of a three-year-old disabled boy

Immediately after birth, Kellan Tilton from Detroit was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the spine in the pelvic area. The child started chemotherapy when he was only two days old. Cancer was defeated, but the baby's legs were paralyzed for life.

This year he turned three years old, and he is alive and quite happy, although he moves in a wheelchair. “He has been racing in his wheelchair since he was a year and a half, and he does it better than many adults drive a car,” his father shared. But what did Kellan think of as a birthday present?

The International Make-A-Wish Foundation helps terminally ill children by making their fantasies come true. Foundation staff asked 3-year-old Kellan what his biggest wish is?

And it turns out it wasn't a trip to Disneyland, meeting some celebrity, or anything like that.

He said he wants to get out on his own in the backyard, to the workshop where his dad works, and just be near him. Before that, he had to be carried by hand, because there were no such paths through the yard to the workshop, along which a stroller could pass.

The Foundation organized the purchase of materials and the rental of equipment. A dozen road workers from local companies volunteered to make the road for Kellan. In 4 days, they leveled and tiled an 80-meter road, along which the baby can independently leave the house to dad.

Little Kellan every day, while the construction was going on, was eager to personally participate in the construction. Photographs taken by the Make-A-Wish Foundation show that he succeeded quite well.

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