10 things only an empathetic partner will understand

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10 things only an empathetic partner will understand
10 things only an empathetic partner will understand

It would be more correct to call this note "What is he, the man of dreams." What to do with her? Option 1: read, dream, cry and continue to think that such things do not happen. Option 2: casually slip your other half. After all, this is a real instruction on the eternal topic “what a woman wants” - perhaps he just lacked this cheat sheet to find the key to your relationship?

10 things only an empathetic partner will understand

1. He can sit and really listen. Not just stare and pretend to be attentive, but really listen. Huge difference, agree.

2. He understands that even something that is not a matter of life and death can upset you. He does not belittle your problems, even if you burst into tears because of throwing socks on the table. And he promises to improve, honest pioneer!

3. He understands that sometimes you need to be left alone after a fight. It lets you cool down instead of trying to start it up again. And steps aside until both of you are ready to resume the conversation in a calm tone.

4. He thinks it's better to talk things out than to pretend like nothing happened. If you're worried, for example, because you don't see each other as often as you'd like, he'll take the time to find out what's going on with you and how to make both of you happy. Because it's better to have a hard conversation than to cook insults in your own juice.

5. He knows how to cheer you up. You've had a lousy day and he's right there with your favorite treats and a good movie. Well, just a magician!

6. He will not merge at the first trouble. If you have a black streak, this does not mean that he will immediately give up. He will always come to the rescue and support. Whether you lost your job, fell into depression or faced some other problems, he will be there.

7. If you're mad at him, he won't automatically get mad at you because of it. Especially if he knows you're mad at a cause. He is able to look at things objectively and admit he is wrong.

8. He's not a threat to your friendships with men. He doesn't have a habit of exchanging organs with imaginary rivals because he doesn't see your male friends as a threat, and he doesn't think everyone else thinks how to seduce you. He gladly makes friends with them. (That doesn't mean he won't do anything if one of them really hits on you.)

9. He is nice to everyone. You are not afraid to introduce him to your parents and friends. For we are sure: he will behave well and, most likely, will charm everyone around, because he sees people through and through and is able to find an approach to everyone.

10. For all that, he's still cool. Just because he's empathetic doesn't mean he's a pushover. He's just one of those exceptionally rare guys who can understand your subtle feelings and then go chop wood and drive around wild mustangs. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia / Ingram.

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