Unlucky: 11 stars who have very problematic skin

Unlucky: 11 stars who have very problematic skin
Unlucky: 11 stars who have very problematic skin

On the red carpet, all the stars look great - their smooth porcelain skin often gives us complexes. How do they manage to achieve such a perfect skin condition? In fact, celebrities are no different from ordinary people and their appearance often leaves much to be desired.

Bad luck: 11 stars who have very problematic skin

Celebrities with problematic skin are especially unlucky: make-up artists try to hide imperfections under a thick layer of foundation, after which everything gets even worse! Some celebrities have struggled with breakouts and redness for years despite trips to beauticians.


Cameron Diaz has been struggling with his problematic skin all his life - the days of youthful pimples are long gone, but acne has not left the star so far. Only foundation works - Cameron always wears it in a thick layer.


At official events, Britney Spears' skin seems flawless, but in reality everything is different: redness, pimples and rashes - the singer knows firsthand about all these problems.



Beauty Maria Sharapova also cannot boast of perfect skin: she has enlarged pores and acne. Sometimes this can be seen even in the photo where Maria is wearing makeup.


Alisha Keys can't cope with the problems: her skin is rough and covered with small pimples. Alisha's makeup artists try to hide flaws with corrective means, but such makeup does not "live" for a long time - a couple of hours and bumps are noticeable again.


Katy Perry is one of those stars with the biggest skin problems. For many years, Katie has been trying to do something with rashes, but for some reason, beauticians cannot help the star.


Megan Fox is famous for her porcelain skin, which is nothing short of a good makeup artist. In fact, Megan has her own secrets - bumps on her cheeks.


Miley Cyrus, it seems, has not yet overcome youthful acne - otherwise it is simply impossible to explain the "beauty" on the singer's cheeks! Where does the beautician look?


Trouble in the form of a rash on the chin happens to Jessica Simpson. For social events, Jess chooses a very tight make-up, but in everyday life she has little flaws.


Singer Lord has always suffered from skin problems that she constantly has to hide with concealers. At the same time, the girl loves bright lipsticks that emphasize any imperfections. Don't make that mistake again!


Rihanna also cannot boast of clean skin - intense makeup only aggravates the situation, and small pimples are still visible under the layer of "plaster". But the main thing is that Ri-Ri is still beautiful and self-confident! Based on materials from cosmo.ru.

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