7 ways to skip the gym and stay fit

7 ways to skip the gym and stay fit
7 ways to skip the gym and stay fit

We all know that without physical activity, nowhere. But what if running in the park or doing ab exercises is nothing but boredom for you? Look for alternative sports activities! When you move with pleasure, you can easily double the load, and not only burn extra calories, but also lift your spirits.

7 Ways to Skip the Gym and Stay Fit

Our expert: Yegor Safrygin, director of the marketing department "Medicine" of the AlfaStrakhovanie Group.


Do you think this is a non-female sport? Try at least once to beat a pear in a bad mood, and you will understand that boxing can work wonders! Boxing has a positive effect not only on the relief of the torso, but also on the inner sense of self. Boxing improves reaction, promotes the development of composure, accuracy and coordination of movements. Classes increase endurance, “turn on” the head, which is needed to develop tactics. It is important to engage in boxing under the supervision of an experienced mentor, who will help to avoid injuries, because the coach teaches not only to hold the blows, but also to competently "leave" them. When practicing boxing, a high psycho-emotional effect is noticeable: boxing teaches you to control your emotions, a person becomes more confident in himself and his own abilities. Boxing is a dangerous sport, so it is important to take care of your safety and follow the exact instructions of the coach.


In contrast to boxing, Pilates can be called one of the safest exercise systems. Classes are suitable for people of any gender and age, regardless of physical fitness. In addition to relieving stress, Pilates classes help to cure headaches, back pain, have a beneficial effect on spinal injuries, prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis - all of which office workers especially often suffer from. The Pilates exercise system is also in demand for weight loss. With it, you can adjust the figure, getting rid of extra pounds and problems with posture. The big advantage is that Pilates uses an integrated approach to body training: you do not pump a separate muscle group, but train the whole body in a single complex.


Martial arts are becoming more and more popular every year, new schools are opening, where groups are formed not only for children, but also for adults. Wushu, judo, aikido, karate, capoeira - take your pick. Martial arts teach not only self-defense, but also awareness, concentration, quick reaction. Group training, sparring and philosophy, which is an integral part of any martial art, will give not only excellent physical shape and energy, but also a sense of confidence, endurance, inner peace.


Teaching pole dancing is suitable for anyone who wants to find an alternative to the fitness room, tighten the body, make the muscles embossed. In one hour of such dancing, you can burn up to 650 kcal, so this type of training is useful for those who need to quickly lose weight and get back in shape. However, you must be aware that poor physical shape will not allow you to quickly master this sport. During exercises on the pylon, the muscles receive a serious load, so they can replace exhausting exercises on simulators. Pole dance develops flexibility, plasticity and grace. However, this sport also has its limitations. First of all, these are injuries of the ligaments and joints, especially the knees and ankles. Before classes, you should consult a doctor.


This type of transport will take you anywhere without forcing you to stand in traffic jams. For many, cycling has become a culture. This sport contributes to the development of the muscles of the lower extremities, respiratory and circulatory organs, and also increases overall physical endurance. Cycling at a moderate pace uses less energy than walking or running. With a calm ride, cycling is accessible and useful for people of both preschool and the elderly.


Getting more and more popular not only among young people, but also among the adult population. The advantage of this kind of street sport is that it can be practiced anywhere where there is even asph alt. Parks and squares are a good option for longboarders.


You don't have to be a professional athlete to play ping-pong, you can just enjoy the game outdoors or indoors. By the way, the words "ping" and "pong" do not mean anything, they imitate the sound that the ball makes when it hits the racket (ping) and the table (pong). This sport had other variants of the name: “flim-flam”, “wif-waf”. Ping pong is good for eyesight, improves handwriting, speeds up reaction.

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