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Incredible Gadgets
Incredible Gadgets

Wake up with an alarm clock flying around the room, brush your teeth with a smart toothbrush, make a couple of toasts with the latest news printed on them for breakfast… How else can you diversify your life with new and unusual gadgets?

The craziest gadgets that actually exist

Mask for lucid dreaming

This is a fantasy device. The Remee mask looks like a very ordinary sleep bandage, but by wearing it, you can control dreams and manage their content! The gadget is programmed in such a way that it is able to recognize the deep phase of sleep. As soon as you enter this phase, and this happens somewhere in the second half of the night, the mask sends a signal to the built-in LEDs, which will turn on at the right time. It will not wake you up, but at that moment you will realize that you are dreaming. Dreams will become more real, you will control sensations and remember everything you see. True, the manufacturer warns that the ability to control dreams will not come immediately. You'll have to practice a little. Want to try or scared?

Screwdriver with creative bits

One of the best-selling power tools in the world, this small and very light Bosch IXO V screwdriver replaces a bunch of tools at once, it can not only screw in and unscrew screws, but also cut fabric, open bottles of wine, pepper a dish and fan coals for barbecue.

Flying and running away alarm clocks

Not alarm clocks, but monsters that wake up with the howl of a helicopter taking off or a car that cannot be turned off until you get out of bed and catch a flying or running alarm clock. While you crawl under the bed in search of the runaway part of the device, you will wake up for sure. But we advise you to think a hundred times before making such an acquisition. Especially if you want to give someone a gift.

Bookmark with light

Here is the bookmark The Book Light with integrated LED backlight - another matter. Do you like to read before bed, and your husband requires you to turn off the light? Then this thing is exactly for you. The brightness of the bookmark can be adjusted, and you will not disturb anyone around. Read to yourself all night long.

Laser scissors

They look like ordinary scissors, but their handle is equipped with a built-in laser that is projected onto the surface of the material. All you have to do is cut the fabric or other material along the resulting straight line.

Winged water collecting balls

Water Catcher balls should fly in the rain and collect water. After that, the balls must return "to the base" and drain the collected water into a special tray. The water in the tray is purified, saturated with the necessary mineral additives, and then the pure water can again be pumped into the ball and poured directly into the glass from it. A difficult process, but rather curious.

Self-tightening strap

This belt won CES 2015 Best Unusual Design and Best Wearable Device. There are hidden motors in the buckle that fix the load and, if necessary, can loosen or tighten the belt if you overeat, bend over or sit down. There are also tension sensors, a gyroscope and an accelerometer, which, of course (as it is now without it), are equipped with a smartphone application that keeps statistics on your waist and physical activity.

Pet Camcorder

Want to know how your pet lives and what he does when you are not around. How does he see the world and what interesting things happen in your absence? Attach the Eyenimal camcorder to the collar and you will discover a new, amazing world through the eyes of your friend. There are two types of cameras specially designed for dogs and cats. They are shockproof and waterproof, and you can watch the animal from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Another similar gadget, Petcube, allows you to follow, talk and even play with a cat or dog using a laser controlled remotely from any device. At any time, you can check how your pet behaves when he is sad without you at home all alone.

Thing Finder

Track R Bravo is a handy tool to keep your valuables safe. The keychain can be attached to your phone, keys, wallet, laptop or even a dog collar and track the location of things with a simple app. If it is inconvenient to attach a keychain, you can simply stick it with adhesive tape to almost any item.

Toothbrush with internet access

Via Bluetooth, the Kolibree toothbrush is synchronized with a smartphone and displays information on the screen. The mobile device receives movement data, the device analyzes the information and reports how well you brushed your teeth.

A device that monitors the freshness of breath

But this little Breathometer will tell the owner whether to eat a mint, drink water or change their toothbrush.

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