8 phrases you shouldn't say to a drunk man

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8 phrases you shouldn't say to a drunk man
8 phrases you shouldn't say to a drunk man

If your man does not drink alcohol on principle, never at all - this article is not for you. But if he drinks occasionally, very moderately and on occasion, you should definitely read this. Because sooner or later the very moment will come when he will burst into the house on the horns. And you tell him something. And very in vain.

8 phrases you shouldn't say to a drunk man


Now, if you asked where he cut himself like that, got drunk, lashed out or even got good, the man would tell with a satisfied smile where. And with whom. And for what reason. But wandered? Men, you know, don't hang around. Even if they are in the truest sense of the word, they are "walking". And if they walk in the literal sense of the word - it's them … Well, something. Rest, for example. But they don't wander. You just put his manhood (which is the ego, and not which in a figurative sense) on the anvil and cracked on top with a pound hammer. Bydysch - flattened into a cake. He will take revenge! Right now.


If you don't want to immediately hear what he really thinks about your mother, don't say it! Because he does not think anything censorship. If only because she, it turns out, said something bad about him. Otherwise, why would you remember her right now, huh? Come on, come on, from this place in more detail…


Does he not know how to drink? How dare you doubt him, woman! He just got food poisoning. In general, if you want to know, he was still in his school years, in the summer, in the country … No, of course, you don’t want to know anything about how your darling, covering his teenage acne with a bandana, bought fusel moonshine from Baba Mani, the unspoken queen of SNT "Agrostroy" and the villages of Fedyunino. You don't want to know anything about how many liters of this same fusel oil they persuaded Dron, Lekha and Uncle Misha. And you also don't want to know who Uncle Misha is. But you have to. Right now But who pulled you by the tongue?


Attention! Dangerous moment! Your man may be meek as a deer in a normal state, but now a boar will wake up in him. You, a woman, will tell him? Will you control it? Are you out of your mind, unhappy?! At the same time, it is quite possible that he himself decided that enough was enough for him, he was going to miss the last shot and go bye. But now that won't happen. Now he's gulping down another bottle, just so you don't have to imagine that he's ready to dance to your tune. 9 myths about alcohol.


Rhetorical question, of course. But be sure - you will be answered. Very verbose answer. Ornate. First, the exclamation “Did you see yourself ?!” will follow, followed by a long list of your shortcomings. Both real-life and newly invented ones. Alcohol fuels the fantasy, you know. So you will shy away from mirrors for a long time.


That's if his dad liked to drink. Instead of a dad, an uncle, a drunken classmate Tyukanov, Petrovich from a neighboring apartment, or Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin can appear. In general, some violent drunkard who ended badly, but managed to drink blood from relatives. Remember the main thing, woman: he is unique. And he doesn't even get drunk like everyone else. He is especially drunk. Because he is not an alcoholic, but … Now you will find out who he is. Well, if it turns out that he is an unrecognized genius. And then it may turn out to be a sufferer, disappointed in his personal life. Which, you see, is unpleasant. He won’t remember anything in the morning, and you will worry for a month about when everything went wrong with him.


No! We conjure you - only not this! Alcohol has a very strange effect on the male brain, and in particular on that part of it that is responsible for memory. All a man remembers is how to move his legs and where to move them to get home. But the archive of long-term memory pops up - the one about barefoot childhood. The drunk man is a boy. Approximately eight years old. What do boys do as children? That's right, it doesn't matter at all what to do, it is important that the opposite is true. Contrary. Out of spite. Basically, we've been warned. You won't sleep tonight. You will talk to him, because now he will not fall behind for anything. A real man always has something to say!


Don't play on guilt, don't. Because this feeling in a drunken man is hypertrophied. He will immediately repent, fall to his knees, sprinkle ashes on his head and begin to ask for forgiveness. And don't think you'll like it. Because he will compliment you with a slurred tongue and climb up to you with kisses. Are you sure you want to kiss this creature? Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia / Westend61.

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