Design secrets: how to arrange things on open shelves

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Design secrets: how to arrange things on open shelves
Design secrets: how to arrange things on open shelves

Beautifully arranging things on an open shelf or rack is a whole art. We'll teach you how to do it right.

How to arrange things on open shelves so that they do not spoil the interior?

Perhaps you have noticed that the shelves on the pages of interior magazines look completely different than in real life. And the point is not that these are special racks, and not that the things in them are entirely exclusive. The fact is that all the items on the shelves are stacked in a very specific way!

Vertical and horizontal

Combine horizontal rows of books with vertical stacks, it's more dynamic, besides, horizontal stacks can be used as book delimiters if the shelf is not full.

Put more than just books on the shelves

On the shelves should be not only straight rows of collected works. They can and should be diluted with vases, frames, figurines, candles, plates and boxes.

Decorate the wall

A very fashionable until recently technique - to arrange books by color. Now he is already rather tired of designers and is considered not relevant. You can, of course, build a composition in shades of one color (for example, from light blue to dark blue), but it looks rather boring.

An interesting solution is shown in the photo: assign color to individual shelves and design books in covers that match the selected shade.

Put heavy things down

And the lungs up. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account not only the actual weight of objects, but also the visual one. Send massive encyclopedias to the lower shelves, and leave elegant covers and eye-catching trinkets at eye level.

Clean up the line of sight

Sometimes, cleaning is the easiest and most effective way to give a shelving unit a new look. The principle of "top and bottom" works here too. The main thing is that the order should be on those shelves that are at eye level. Boxes and baskets will help in organizing and beautifully storing things; here you can add books that you have read a long time ago, and trinkets that you are tired of admiring.

By the way, books can be arranged in low baskets and boxes. For example, by organizing them by author. So it will be convenient to take out the volumes (several at a time) if you need to wipe the shelves from dust. At the same time, you can experiment with the arrangement of books: for example, place one of the stacks with the covers forward.

Use magazine boxes and folders

Folders for magazines made of cardboard or plywood can also be used for books: put two-volumes and trilogies here. This is a good way to organize the space.

Leave shelves free

Sometimes an empty space looks better than a filled one, so if possible, don't fill the shelves completely. After all, even effectively arranged objects simply need to be visually separated from each other so that they do not merge into a continuous motley spot. One expressive object can be placed on a free shelf.

Arrange things in triangles

Use a compositional technique: the triangle rule. It is often used in photography, but it will also be useful when arranging things on a rack. Place objects so that, if you draw lines with your eyes, they are the vertices of a triangle. In the example in the photo, these are blue vases. Triangles can be of any size and shape, they can be built using overlapping colors, shapes, textures, and they can visually intersect each other.

Use the principle of symmetry

Try to arrange the objects in a mirror - let them echo in color or shape. Or just place several identical or paired objects on adjacent shelves.

Place items in multiple rows

You can put small figurines and other cute little things on a low stack of books (the technique makes them visually more significant and noticeable). Behind small gizmos and low objects (for example, caskets), place photographs or posters in frames - this will balance the height of the composition.

Use Foreground

If there is not enough space on the shelves, use the shelving frame. Right on the ends of the shelves you can hang a picture, poster or framed photograph. The shelves behind the picture can be empty or full - in the second case, make sure that the items will be easy to take out and put back. Instead of a picture or photo, a mirror can also be placed on the rack.

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