Girl Alexandra Domogarova died of cancer

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Girl Alexandra Domogarova died of cancer
Girl Alexandra Domogarova died of cancer

On the night of the sixth to the seventh of October, the actor lost a very close person: his beloved Larisa Chernikova died of blood cancer.

Girl Alexander Domogarova died of cancer

The sad news about the death of the beloved Russian actor Alexander Domogarov has recently become known. The couple started dating in 2010. According to the celebrity, they met with Larisa Chernikova on the plane. Alexander recalled that because of the loud conversation on the phone, he was very annoyed by the person sitting behind him, but, nevertheless, the girl charmed him, and they were already leaving the plane together.

Chernikova struggled with a terrible disease for many years - doctors diagnosed herlymphoma. At the time of meeting the actor, Larisa already knew about her illness and informed the artist about it. But despite this, their beautiful and touching, according to the friends of the couple, the relationship developed rapidly, and the disease, in the meantime, receded, then returned with double force.

So, in May of this year, Larisa had a heart attack, which was provoked by complications of a special anti-cancer treatment. After that, the girl was taken to an oncology clinic in Vienna. There, the doctors tried to help the patient, but after a few months they refused any treatment. It was decided to put the girl in an artificial coma. Relatives planned to transport Chernikova to Moscow, but, unfortunately, did not have time. On the night of October 6-7, Alexander Domogarov and the girl's family lost a very close person.

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