10 signs you are a smart woman

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10 signs you are a smart woman
10 signs you are a smart woman

Articles on the topic "125 signs that you are a wise woman" are constantly roaming the net. Nothing new there, of course, is not written. Moreover, there is not a word about wisdom. Just about convenience. A wise woman is, it turns out, a woman who is comfortable for a man. We cannot agree with this, but in order to object, you need to offer an alternative, right? This is what we do.

10 signs that you are a smart woman


Neither in the main, nor in the little things. Because what's the point? The problem will have to be sorted out sooner or later, one way or another. And a lie devours a resource, which again will have to be replenished somehow. Why is this all? If he never called, it means he didn't like you. Dot. Fantasies that he went to Guatemala to visit a suddenly ill grandmother, or lost your number, or is so in love that he is embarrassed to call - not your fantasies. You do not engage in self-deception and suffer the consequences afterwards.


Of course you love them. But you have something to love, and in addition to beautiful guys - your job, your family, your hobby. Of course, you had men, are and will be. Perhaps you have already found a man with whom you plan to spend the rest of your days. But you do not think that only at this moment you finally took place as a woman. You were an accomplished woman before him and will remain so if you suddenly part. And most importantly - you will never become a stuffy woman. The one that literally does not allow her man to breathe fresh air, because she constantly hangs on him. You are self-sufficient.


If you are happy, you are happy. If you feel bad, you are sad. You don't hide your emotions or repress them because you understand that they are you. But a professional sufferer will not work out of you, because you do not wind yourself up, do not go over your grievances and losses. In general, do not arrange the theater of one actress - oh, how I suffered, what a tragedy I experienced! We survived - and thank God, there is no need to poke around in this for years.


So, you immediately see when you are being lied to, which, of course, is very, very useful. But your inner vision is not selective and directed only at yourself. You feel when someone is really hurt and you offer to help. You see when someone is really happy and you will notice it because the person will be pleased.


You know what suits you and what doesn't, and don't waste your time on risky experiments you'll regret later. You do not chase fashion, but follow it and choose only what fits perfectly into your style. Certainly to impress someone is not your task at all: the main thing is the harmony of the external and internal. What is most interesting, from the outside it seems as if you are not making any efforts to maintain your beauty, but at the same time you always and everywhere look appropriate. Exactly as the situation demands.


In every area of ​​your life, there are certain boundaries that you don't want to go beyond. Or, conversely, you don’t want to let someone in there. And no one can push through these boundaries in any way. You can be persuaded, bribed, blackmailed or tried to deceive, but this is a waste of time and effort. Because you decide when, why and for whom these limits can be shifted.


Your body does not give you unexpected and unpleasant surprises simply because you are attentive to it. You, of course, are a living person and you can get sick or suddenly feel bad, but you just can’t get enough sleep, after all. But you don't get a bad hangover on a day when you need to look good and be awake. Because the day before you stopped exactly when it was necessary. And this, by the way, is not at all an iron will and not constant self-control - you just feel yourself because you know how, but you know how, because you understand how important it is.


Dreams are a good thing, but you still prefer plans when it comes to something important. And these plans are never impossible. This is again a matter of being honest with yourself, but not primarily. The ability to make plans is of little use if there is no ability to analyze the situation and calculate options. You can do both.


The past interests you only in connection with memories and accumulated experience. But you won’t worry about what was done wrong, said wrong and lived wrong. And you are also interested in his past only in the context of “What was there at all?”. But only. No “Why?”, “But if…” and “Yes, how could he!”. The past is gone. And as for the future, there is no predicted future, and you are well aware of this. Therefore, you can dream and plan, of course, but you have to live now. And you do it.


You are not going to succumb to stupid tricks in the spirit of "a real woman should …", but it will not occur to you to deny your femininity either. Why, in fact, why? Why would you suddenly give up flowers, beautiful dresses and handbags, home comforts and chatting with your friends? Being a woman is great. It's stupid to refuse it, isn't it? Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia / Ingram.

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