7 easy ways to make your move more comfortable

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7 easy ways to make your move more comfortable
7 easy ways to make your move more comfortable

How to make moving more pleasant than fire and flood.

7 easy ways to make your move more comfortable


Moving is the perfect excuse to finally loosen up. Ruthlessly dispose of everything that you have not used for a year. You won't use it for a few more years. Why then carry all this with you? The dress you wore to prom, the service you haven't unpacked for ten years, and the rubber boat you've been planning to fix for years are all equally redundant in this case. How to organize documents, bills and receipts.


Buy boxes at your local hardware store or IKEA. Take boxes of different sizes so that even in a large package things also lie in their places and do not get mixed up. On each opaque box, write what is in it. This will save you an incredible amount of time in your new location.

Hint: To avoid writing on fabric boxes and organizers, seal them with paper tape and write on the tape.

Lifehack from a reader: Sign the boxes with just numbers. Take a photo of the content. Get a plate in Excel with the numbers of the boxes and a brief description of the contents. Include hyperlinks to content photos in the table.


Send, if possible, children and pets to visit relatives during the packing and moving. This will save you from turmoil and nerves and keep the peace in the family.


Pack a separate suitcase with everything you need for the first few days and nights: what to wash, what to eat, what to sleep on, what to change into.


Unpack the box of kitchen utensils first. Once you get a functioning kitchen, you will feel like you are at home. A well-fed newcomer is a happy newcomer.


Get linen out and collect beds and sofas. Here, you can already live.


Books, CDs and other entertainment. We suspect that many marriages have ended because one of the spouses sat down to read or play computer games at the wrong time during a move.

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