Makeup brush care. How to do it right?

Makeup brush care. How to do it right?
Makeup brush care. How to do it right?

You won't believe how much dirt is hiding in those little bristles.

Makeup brush care. How to do it right?

We all know how important it is to cleanse your face daily, but too often we ignore an important component of this care, which at first glance is not entirely obvious - the cleanliness of brushes and sponges. "What's wrong with cleanliness?" you ask.

With cleanliness, everything seems to be normal, but recently one of our beauticians set up an experiment and did not wash the brushes for a month. After this time, she washed them in the presence of other employees - after all, the more witnesses, the more interesting.

Before washing the brushes were just brushes. There was nothing even close to resembling something ugly, overgrown with dirt and dust. The most ordinary brushes, on the bristles of which one could hardly (!) Make out particles of cosmetics. She simply rinsed her makeup brushes with warm water, treated with makeup cleaner, and squeezed the water into a white cup. The water has turned dirty brown.

Those present were impressed: after all, she touched her face with these brushes every day. Every morning! She follows all the rules of skin care: cleans it properly, drinks the right amount of water on time, monitors nutrition, moisturizes the skin, does not touch her face with her hands, and so on and so forth. And then with those filthy brushes, she touches the skin where so much effort has gone into.

Her well-groomed skin passed the test with flying colours. But how long would she last if her brushes remained dirty even further? And if she smeared this dirt on her face every morning, and touched cosmetics with these brushes, moving hordes of bacteria back and forth.

Perhaps many of us would get rid of facial inflammation by simply washing our brushes once every two weeks. Let's be honest. When we are trying to understand where the next inflammation comes from, brushes and sponges are the last thing we think about, right? If we remember them at all.

So, what is the right way to wash makeup brushes?


Wet the bristles by holding the brush under running water. Be careful not to get the handle wet as this can cause the brush to pop out of the holder over time.


Lather your brush with a mild toilet soap or apply brush cleaner to the bristles.


Be careful not to get your pen wet.


Gently squeeze the bristles with your fingers to release excess water.


Just put the tassel on a towel on the bedside table and it will be dry by morning.

Makeup brushes are not just expensive, they are also an important part of our makeup. If you have been using them for a long time and have never washed them yet, perhaps it's time to put them in order. Good luck!

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