Kevin Federline, Ashton Kutcher and other men made famous by women

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Kevin Federline, Ashton Kutcher and other men made famous by women
Kevin Federline, Ashton Kutcher and other men made famous by women

"Where did you just find them?!" - we just want to ask this question to popular and successful women who suddenly have an affair with unknown guys. And they are happy: thanks to intrigues or even marriages with stars of the first magnitude, they themselves have become celebrities.

Kevin Federline, Ashton Kutcher and other men made famous by women


Married since 2010


Rezo Gigineishvili, without a doubt, a talented director and a charming man, nevertheless pulled out a lucky ticket, having received the hand and heart of the heiress of the "godfather" of Russian cinema, Nikita Mikhalkov. The future spouses met on the set of Rezo's film "9 Months". A young director from Tbilisi came to build a career in Moscow, and things went smoothly for him thanks to a not cinematic, but still significant surname: his father David Gigineishvili is a well-known doctor who led one of the Borjomi he alth resorts. At the time of their acquaintance, Rezo was married to Nastya Kochetkova, a graduate of the Star Factory, with whom the director has a daughter, Masha, so the romance began later, and only the closest lovers knew about him.

But Nadia and Rezo did not hide their wedding: in April 2010, the couple got married, and a year and a half later they arranged a beautiful wedding and a high-profile celebration in her husband's homeland, photos of which she generously shared with the press. A year later, Rezo, already as a celebrity, presented the painting “Love with an Accent” - his most popular work today. One of the main roles in the film was played, of course, by Nadya Mikhalkova.


Married from 2004 to 2007

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The second husband of the singer Kevin Federline (in 2004, Britney spent 55 hours as the wife of childhood friend Jason Alexander) performed with Spears as a backup dancer. In April 2004, an affair began between Kevin and Britney, and already in September it came to the wedding - the ceremony was held without much noise, only about 30 guests were present. True, if Britney herself did not want to draw attention to her personal life, then Kevin enjoyed the status of a superstar husband. Federline was especially flattered by Britney's desire to leave her career for a while and devote time to her family. But, despite the birth of their first child, Sean Preston, family relationships did not go smoothly: Kevin preferred friends and nightclubs to family concerns, and the paparazzi pursued the newly-made celebrity on his heels, which only flattered him. In 2006, Britney announced her pregnancy again and gave birth to her second son, Jayden James. But even the children did not become a significant reason for the spouse to work on their relationship and save the family: in November 2006, Britney Spears filed for divorce, and now the ex-husband received a generous compensation, for which he recorded a rap album (failed).

Due to the divorce, Britney went crazy. Who doesn't remember her antics like shaving her head, spontaneous calls to the police asking for pizza to be delivered to her house, overeating and drug addiction? Meanwhile, the Federline family exploited both the name of the singer and her notoriety. In July 2011, Kevin's grandfather posted an invitation to the wedding of Spears and Federline on eBay. The former dancer himself tried to become famous in the field of cinema, modeling and hip-hop, but to no avail. Slava found a guy on TV: he was invited to participate in the show … "Lose Weight with the Stars" - after the divorce, Kevin began to weigh more than 100 kilograms.

Today, Kevin has six children (two from two previous marriages and two from his real wife) and the reputation of a Hollywood gigolo.


Married since 2003


In August, Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan celebrate the 12th anniversary of their wedding, although few believed in the union of a Kyiv girl and a beefy stripper. Despite the fact that at the time of meeting the Queen, Sergei Glushko was a fairly well-known artist in narrow circles, his future wife was ahead of the dancer in all respects: fame, fees, fans - the singer had all this in abundance. Of course, colleagues suspected Tarzan of selfish interest, especially since Glushko was in no hurry to part with his wild past. The Queen does not hide the fact that at the beginning of her life together, when the baby Arkhip was growing up in the family, she was often overcome by fans and "regular clients" of her young husband. The queen decided to remedy the situation by luring her husband from the original genre to the high seas of show business. At the end of 2003, the joint disc of the spouses “Believe It or Not” was released, in the summer of 2005 Natasha and Sergey took part in the project of the First Channel “Big Races”, two years later - in the show “Two Stars”. Tarzan became a real star along with the Queen, but did not stop being a loving (and faithful!) Husband.


Together since 2011

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26-year-old dancer Casper Smart became known to the world after starting an affair with Jennifer Lopez, who is 18 years older than him. The authority of J. Lo did not become an obstacle for the young womanizer, and Jen had to give up.

“Age, status and the opinions of others do not matter. Our hearts are infinite and our souls are immortal. The age of a person is just a reminder to him that his time on earth is limited. That is why we should value the hours allotted to us. We must not give up on our dreams and our passion. So just close your ears and open your hearts. Love and be happy!" - Casper once openly admitted his feelings on Twitter. True, this confession did not save the toyboy from the wrath of his influential girlfriend when rumors of his betrayal leaked to the press last year. A few months later, the guy managed to beg for forgiveness, and at the celebration of his 46th birthday, J. Lo again appeared arm in arm with Casper.


Been together from 2011 to 2014


31-year-old policeman Mikhail Terekhin came to the show "Dom-2" after being fired from the Lyubertsy police department, where he was caught taking a bribe. Michael decided to radically change his life, and he succeeded. He became a media person not only thanks to his participation in the project, but also because of an affair with the owner of the TV set, Ksyusha Borodina, who, in the arms of Terekhin, forgot her first husband, Yuri Budagov. But in November 2014, the fairy tale came to an end: Ksyusha deleted all the joint photos with Terekhin from the Web and asked the fans to no longer remind her of the man, and he, in turn, could even turn the gap in favor of his dubious popularity. Abandoned Terekhin gave a frank interview to the portal, where he smashed Borodina and her friends in Dom-2 to smithereens, then took part in the Let's Get Married show, and on the eve of Borodina's wedding with Kurban Omarov, he continued to share his opinion with journalists about his ex's new romance.


Met in 2012

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Young opposition politician Ilya Yashin unexpectedly became a glossy hero after he confirmed his romance with Ksenia Sobchak, who began to take an active part in the opposition movement, in an interview with Anatomy of Love and Protest in June 2012. It's hard to imagine, but an interview with a member of the Russian Opposition Council also appeared on the pages of Cosmopolitan, and before that, the couple posed for an exclusive report by Hello! “Princess and rebel of the political underground” - this is how journalists described the union of a politician and a journalist. True, already on February 1, 2013, Sobchak married actor Maxim Vitorgan, and secular interest in Yashin noticeably subsided.


Met in 2015

Getti Imaes

Earlier this year, singer Selena Gomez dated 25-year-old Anton Zaslavsky, who performs under the pseudonym DJ Zedd. The relationship benefited both: Selena was able to survive the breakup with Justin Bieber relatively easily, and Zaslavsky recorded the song I Want You to Know with his girlfriend, which added points to him in the world of show business. True, a couple of weeks ago, Gomez once again returned to Bieber, and Zaslavsky turned his spell towards another star - actress Nina Dobrev.


Married from 2005 to 2013

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This couple from the very beginning seemed unusual: if only because Demi is 16 years older than the young chosen one. In addition, the aspiring and little-known actor Kutcher was only inclined towards light novels, so the meeting with Moore did not bode well for anything serious. The same was said about Demi: she was almost accused in connection with such a young guy. Therefore, the news of the wedding in 2005 was a big surprise for Demi's fans. In marriage with a young and talented, and most importantly, loving Kutcher, Demi found a second youth, and her husband - the long-awaited popularity. No one doubted that she had found a second - and last - great love. Almost 10 years of marriage, the couple spent as if the honeymoon never ends. However, Ashton still failed to tame his windy nature: on the day of their wedding anniversary, her husband cheated on Demi with a random girl at a party. A painful and long divorce process soon followed, which became dramatic for Moore not only by the fact of infidelity, but also by Ashton's subsequent romance with her peer, actress Mila Kunis. Now Ashton and Mila are already raising their daughter Wyatt Isabelle as legal spouses.


Dating since 2011

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Let's be honest: who among us can name five films starring actor Justin Theroux? And three? Ok, at least one is the most popular! We give up. We know Mr. Theroux only as Jennifer Aniston's fiancé, whom she met in 2010 on the set of the comedy Wanderlust. Aniston instantly opened the doors to high-profile Hollywood events for the actor, but there are still no high-profile roles in Theroux's filmography.


Married from 2010 to 2011

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Before meeting the singer, Briton Russell Brand was a fairly well-known comedian, but after his marriage to Perry, the artist was talked about all over the world. Young people lasted in the status of husband and wife for a little over a year, and now Brenda is remembered in connection with his rare interviews in which he mentions his ex-wife: either he repents because of the divorce, or he calls marriage monasticism. Perry herself also likes to stir up the past in a conversation with reporters: “I went through many sessions of psychotherapy, I understood a lot, grew up and matured. Sometimes in life you have to go through all this dirty tricks to grab what you need. You have to go through the chaos to find your cozy bay,”the singer confessed in an interview with Cosmopolitan. Based on materials from

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