How to become the soul of the company and win over people: 5 life hacks

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How to become the soul of the company and win over people: 5 life hacks
How to become the soul of the company and win over people: 5 life hacks

We found 5 tricks of psychology that will help win over people, make new acquaintances and become the soul of any company. We share with you the most interesting and simple - try to apply them on yourself, because we did it!

5 psychological tricks that will make life easier

Trick 1: The Benjamin Franklin effect

There is an opinion that one of the main tricks to help win people over was revealed by Benjamin Franklin, an American politician. One day, he decided to win the sympathy of a man who was clearly distrustful of Franklin by resorting to a psychological trick: he asked the man to lend him a rare book and then kindly thanked him. As a result, they became friends, finding common interests and topics for communication. The fact is that a person becomes more favorable to those to whom he has done good than to those to whom he himself owes.

Trick 2: Ask for more than you need

This trick works every time, allowing us to get exactly what we need. Its main charm lies precisely in its cunning: if you need to get something from your employer, spouse, or even your own children, then ask in advance for more than you expect to receive. A person who does not want to fully satisfy your huge need will most likely offer an easier option. And exactly what was needed! Bravo, you are a virtuoso manipulator!

Trick 3: Call the person by their first name

This is how a person is arranged, that he always likes to hear his name - this is the most pleasant consonance of sounds that you can think of. And you must admit, when a loved one affectionately says “You are my dear Masha / Nastenka / Lenochka”, then it becomes so warm and cozy inside. And this is really a powerful psychological trick that allows you to win over anyone! Dale Carnegie, famed psychologist, writer, and educator, wrote in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People that mentioning a person's name often can transform any relationship for the better.

Trick 4: Mirror effect

In theater universities and schools of acting skills, the “Mirror” exercise is very often used, the main task of which is to learn to capture the mood of your interlocutor and feel him as if you are Siamese twins. Use it in your life and the result will not be long in coming! To learn how to master the “mirror”, try to train on relatives and friends: pay attention to their gestures, mannerisms, facial and body expressions under any circumstances. And then, communicating with them alone, repeat these movements. This will build trust.

Trick 5: Stay close to the critic

A critic is a person who is inclined to express his opinion, often negative, in order to increase his weight in society. In general, the character is unpleasant for everyone, but he still exists and is able to well spoil, if not life, then a day in life. To avoid overly criticizing such a person, try to stay close to him. We're not talking about friendships or close relationships, it's something else: a person tends to speak less or softer about those who are nearby.

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