10 beauty tricks men find attractive

10 beauty tricks men find attractive
10 beauty tricks men find attractive

It's no secret that men are creatures from another planet. Your most creative make-up, which delighted all the girlfriends, caused him, to put it mildly, an ambiguous reaction - only raised eyebrows in surprise and a modest “Well, okay …”. That's why we've compiled the top 10 spectacular beauty tricks that will help you be the sexiest one in his eyes!

10 beauty tricks men find attractive


Red lipstick seems too aggressive to many men, and they hate lip gloss for stickiness - well, how do you kiss with this muck on your lips, which he then cannot wipe off? Give preference to lipsticks of natural shades, which, on the one hand, make your image brighter, and on the other, look natural.


No, we're not asking you to go and put on lashes that reach to your eyebrows and rest against the lenses of your sunglasses when you blink! Just always use mascara, even if you don’t plan any more make-up today - lush eyelashes seem very sexy to men. In addition, they make your look naive and feminine.


Blush M.A.C. Mineralize Blush

As practice shows, the bronze cheekbones that you so diligently drew to look like Gisele Bundchen do not cling to anyone. But a light pinkish blush, created with one touch of the brush, works wonders. Again - it looks feminine and gives the face a he althy glow. A man, of course, will not give you a compliment like: “What wonderful blush you chose!” But he will definitely appreciate it - intuitively.


Perhaps the sexiest trick is a wet sheen that can be applied to the face with eyeshadow or highlighter. Eyes that seem a little teary make a man want to save you from all troubles and hardships! And you can also apply a little highlighter on the upper lip: it looks attractive and - as a bonus - it does not feel at all when kissing. Not like lip gloss!


Not long, no. Just neat red nails, always glossy. Most men find this manicure the sexiest, even if you have long been tired of painting your nails in the same color. There is only one way out - experiment with shades.


Eternal classic - French manicure, which looks the most natural. The men approve. But, alas, you will not find it in the list of trends for several seasons now - for fashionistas this story is outdated, but the guys will never get bored.


We all know that there are many women in the world, including stars, for whom a haircut suits much more than long hair. But! The boys didn't hear about it. Classic Hollywood waves, soft and natural, still seem like the sexiest hairstyle to them. It's funny, even in men's magazines, 90% of hotties have long curly hair.


Perfume Si by Giorgio Armani

A rare man understands complex compositions, and your new fragrance can be completely rejected. Therefore, when going on a first date, bet on a light floral scent, not too sophisticated. And you will experiment with perfumes when you already move in with him!


The key word here is graceful. Not thick, not daring, not reaching the temple, just elegant arrows that only emphasize the lash line and slightly go beyond the outer corner of the eye. If you still haven't learned how to draw them, now is the time.


Men genetically like a he althy look, and a tan is the easiest way to achieve this effect. If there is no opportunity to lie in the sun, choose self-tanning, but just apply it correctly. But it is better to refuse bronzers: he will immediately notice the catch. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo by Getty Images, fotoimedia / Ingram.

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