Grandma lost 110 kilos for her grandson

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Grandma lost 110 kilos for her grandson
Grandma lost 110 kilos for her grandson

She admits that it was incredibly difficult for her to do this, but it was the only way to save her life.

Grandmother lost 110 kilograms for the sake of her grandson

From the age of 9, Clara Williams has struggled with being overweight and, like many of us, has struggled to keep herself from eating candy, chips and other high-calorie foods. When she turned 20, she weighed almost 100 kilograms. Five years later, she gave birth to a daughter, and her weight rose to 136 kg.

"My weight kept growing and growing, until one day, in the doctor's office, the scales showed a terrible 193 kg," Clara said in an interview with Yahoo! he alth. “I wore the biggest jeans you could buy in the store and they had a hard time fitting on me.”

When her daughter gave birth to her grandson, she decided enough was enough: “I clearly understood that I would become a burden on the family if I did not regain my normal weight. It was difficult for me to get up off the couch on my own, and there was no question of helping my daughter with the baby. I felt sick and tired all the time, every day. And I decided to fight for my he alth.”

So she did. Clara found inspiration in the example of her father, who was able to lose 45 kilograms. In 2011, Clara and her best friend joined Lose Weight Smartly and began attending their weekly meetings.

“Patty and I took part in community competitions, and this increased my motivation to lose weight. The support of a group of people like me has been absolutely invaluable to me and in many ways it has saved me.”

Using advice from the community, Clara switched to he althy foods. She began to eat more fish, chicken, vegetables and dairy products. Surprisingly, for all the time she never felt that she was on any kind of diet: “I realized that every day after getting up I have to make my conscious choice in order to achieve the changes that I dream of. And I decided to make he althy choices.”

This also applies to physical activity. She started Leslie Sanson walking during her lunch breaks at work and in the evenings with a friend. Change was very slow, but she knew she had to keep going: “Every day I reminded myself of the big goal I want to achieve. Every day I reminded myself that I was already in better shape than I was at the beginning.”

After four years, Clara weighed 110 kg less and today enjoys her he althy body. To maintain her figure, she uses a calorie control app, does strength training two to three times a week and an hour of cardio.

"When I lost weight, I felt free from the restrictions that my previous weight imposed. My back and knees no longer hurt. I can easily walk and play with my grandson in the park for several hours.”

Looking in the mirror, she sees a very he althy person, and she wants to inspire others by her example: “I am living proof that small but constant efforts bring great results. Train yourself to eat he althy food and move every day. No one else will do it for you.”

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