11 things he thinks about your shoes

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11 things he thinks about your shoes
11 things he thinks about your shoes

Let's hear what men have to say about women's shoes in general and heels in particular.

11 things he thinks about your shoes

1. So what are you going to do in those heels if we have to run away from a pack of wolves? But seriously, what if some unforeseen situation really arises and we have to hurry? Imagine a completely ordinary picture: a meteorite falls on Earth, an earthquake begins, the asph alt opens under your feet like a hellish mouth and swallows you, because you barely move your legs, and he rushes already a hundred meters in his comfortable sneakers and feels not quite gallant gentleman.

2. These shoes look like they were designed by Picasso. In any case, a foot perpendicular to the ground is no better than an eye on the nose. By the way, bandaging the feet was banned by law many years ago. He doesn't understand how to walk in it. Maybe you have the secrets of levitation?

3. Wait, don't you have exactly the same shoes but in a different color? Got it? Then why do you need these?

4. Wait, don't you have exactly the same color shoes? …What did he ask?

5. How much do they cost? Yes. His whole wardrobe doesn't pull that much.

6. Say: if your shoes are so uncomfortable that you have to carry a shift in your purse, then why not immediately go in this shift? Wouldn't this save you a lot of time, effort, nerves - and space in your purse?

7. Oh great. Now you're taller than me. Admit it, you didn't buy these shoes because they were "awesome" but just because you wanted to look down on him?

8. Don't they release shoes that would be just as fashionable and fun, but the fingers would not be numb in them? Strange, they should be released.

9. We went to a fancy restaurant and now it's my fault that your feet hurt? What's the connection? Ah, he must understand that you could not go there in simpler shoes. Well, sorry: he chose the restaurant, you chose the shoes.

10. Should I really take you in my arms and carry you a mile and a half home? Maybe catch a taxi?

11. I understand that you tried for me. But, to be honest, he would not even notice the hospital shoe covers on your feet right away. No, this is not from inattention to you. He just looked into your eyes! and imperceptibly crosses his fingers behind his back According to cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia / Ingram.

11 things only a woman in heels would understand.

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