5 types of girlfriends to break up with ASAP

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5 types of girlfriends to break up with ASAP
5 types of girlfriends to break up with ASAP

You certainly don't believe in the silly myth that female friendship doesn't exist. How can you live without friends? Who to call at three o'clock in the morning shouting "Everything is lost!"? With whom to discuss the character of the former and the biceps of the present? Who can honestly tell you that this skirt fits you like a tutu on a possum? No, not without friends. But there is a caveat: some women are not friends with you at all. They manipulate you. Sit snugly around your neck, pulling energy or eating your brain. Teaspoon. Fortunately, they are easy to recognize.

Girlfriends You Don't Need: 5 Recognizable Personality Types


She may be a wonderful person in every way, but envy ruins everything. Not because an envious friend will deliberately do bad things to you - it is likely that this will never happen at all. And not because she can't keep her envy to herself. Will be able. You are friends. She will simply want to get everything that you already have. And she will achieve it, rest assured. And only then she realizes that she herself did not want this at all. And who will be to blame for this? Quite right, you. And there was nothing to poison her soul with her achievements, yes, yes. She is also a poor cat, and you are a traitor to those who trusted. Don't ask how it happened - just break up with her.


Who will rush to you at the first call at night with a bottle of wine and a pack of napkins? Who will go with you to a cafe, even if you wanted to spend the evening at home? Who will never forget to call you? Of course, selfish. And there is nothing strange in this. It’s just that she will do all this not in order to help you, but in order to have someone to sit on her ears. She is not interested in your life at all, but she is very interested in the opportunity to tell you how she is doing. You directly say: "Masha, I feel bad, he left me." And Masha raises her eyebrows and replies: “Oh! Badly! You know, I ordered sushi yesterday, and they brought such rubbish, well, such rubbish - I thought I was going to die, I felt so bad.”


Even if you have no problems at all and you were going to chat with the savior about the vacation, she has a ready-made instruction for you. She will say that you urgently need to go on a kefir diet, because you can’t appear on the beach with such a body. She will promise that her neighbor Uncle Kolya will meet you at the airport - so what if he has a Volga from the time of perestroika, in which he smokes Prima, but for free! The savior is pleased to feel like your caring mother. And, what's there, it's nice to punish you when you don't obey. Terrible, huh?

Unfortunate victim

Everything, absolutely everyone offends this fragile woman with the eyes of a deer. And if for some reason no one offends her for a whole month, the poor thing falls ill with some non-fatal, but intractable muck. The question is, who wipes her tears, feeds her cat and swears at the plumbers who incorrectly installed the toilet in her apartment? You, of course. The problem is, you're not much of a Batman. In the sense that friendly help is a wonderful thing, but can you just drink tea together at least once? Without heroic deeds? Alas, no.


The neophyte's enthusiasm is a terrible thing: as soon as a person is fond of something new, a revelation descends on him and he understands that everyone around is living wrong. Not that he is enlightened. Naturally, the newly converted adept wants to do good to everyone, therefore it is absolutely impossible to tolerate his company. But this, fortunately, is a short story: after a while, the neophyte lets go and he again becomes a normal person. But not such an ideological girlfriend! This one will have a revolutionary flame burning in her chest all her life. And you will regularly give her money to save another wild cat, which she caught for some reason - otherwise you will turn out to be a soulless creature. Also, a corpse eater. Simply because you are not a vegetarian like her. In general, run away from her before some revelation hurts you too.

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