The combination of interior colors with the character of the hostess or owner

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The combination of interior colors with the character of the hostess or owner
The combination of interior colors with the character of the hostess or owner

Do you want to know what color your apartment needs and what shade it lacks? We will advise.

What color in the interior suits your character?

All designers are psychologists to some extent and are aware of the peculiarities of color perception. But to build an interior, starting from the individual character traits and needs of the owner of the apartment, they do not succeed so often. And very sorry. After all, color is the easiest way to change the mood of a home and its owner.

Creativity: orange

Orange - stimulates the imagination and creativity. Use it in the interior if you want to feel self-confident and youthful in spirit. Orange is the color of laughter, smiles and celebration.

Orange accents:

one of the walls in the nursery, a mousepad on the desktop, a reminder board in the work area or in the hallway;

Success and Prosperity: Green

Green attracts revenue. This is the main natural color associated with growth, life achievements and new beginnings. You will appreciate yourself and your uniqueness more, developing your abilities and talents. And they, in turn, will bring material income.

Green accents:

work area chair, front door, wallet;

Calm: Blue

Blue gives a sense of harmony, relieves stress and calms the mind. Light shades of blue bring lightness to the house, and balance to relationships. Wearing blue or surrounding yourself with blue items will help get rid of excessive aggression and nervous tension, and there will be less scandals and quarrels in your home.

Blue accents:

headboard, painted ceiling, blue corals;

Concentration: yellow

Yellow accents:

stands for stationery and devices on the desktop, bookmarks for books, diary or notebook;

He alth: green

Intense green is also considered the color of healing. It helps maintain balance, balances and improves physical condition. You can use green to feel light and comfortable. It makes it easier to get fit and feel younger.

Green accents:

dinnerware, bathroom towels, teapot.

Sensuality: Burgundy

Shades of burgundy evoke passion. They will help reveal your sensuality and sexuality, remind you how to live life to the fullest and teach you to love your body. Use burgundy to release emotional blockages that prevent you from expressing your feelings.

Burgundy accents:

ottoman in the bedroom, lampshades for lamps, armchair.

Order: dark blue

Dark blue encourages action. It clears the mind, helping to get rid of clutter and unnecessary things, to see the most important aspects of your life, and not pay attention to the little things. Wear navy blue when you have a big decision to make.

Dark blue accents:

large tray, laundry basket, table lamp.

Spiritual: Purple

Light purple is a symbol of temperance and spirituality. It will help you stick to your plans and achieve your goals. Purple is the color of wisdom, which allows you to take a fresh look at problems, discard unnecessary emotions and see the essence of things. As a reminder that we are all connected, it stimulates feelings such as humanity, empathy and compassion. If you want to have many friends in your house, use purple.

Purple accents:

spread in living room, yoga mat, diary.

Energy: Red

Bright red is a stimulant that awakens courage and fearlessness. Use color if you lack confidence. However, do not get carried away, too much red leads to overexcitation and makes it difficult to relax. Color in the interior of the bedroom.

Red accents:

beautiful sweet dish in the living room, picture frame on the wall, coffee table;

Love: pink

Pink - opens hearts. Soft and delicate pink is considered the color of love. It helps to feel tenderness and emotional comfort next to loved ones. Use it in places where you want mutual understanding to always reign.

Pink accents:

telephone, pinkish light bulb, bottle of rose wine;

Happiness: orange and yellow

Yellow and orange - awaken the love of life. These colors help not to fall into depression and despondency, but to see the brighter, positive side of things. The key to success is the combination of different colors. You need a whole palette to feel the balance.

Orange and yellow accents:

kitchen towels, decorative cushions, coffee or tea cups;

Peace: turquoise

Turquoise color you will like if you want to relax and unwind. Wear or surround yourself with light shades of turquoise if you have trouble sleeping or find it hard to relieve stress.

Turquoise accents:

a blanket, painted bedroom floors, or a small rug by the bed.

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