10 family life rules you should break

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10 family life rules you should break
10 family life rules you should break

The most important thing: there are no rules for family life. They simply cannot be, because there can be no guarantees in family life. And if there are no guarantees, then why are there any rules? For what? Meaning is zero. But around the family and marriage, a dense ring of stereotypes is woven, which are passed off as rules. Well, well, since someone likes the word "rules" - so be it. After all, rules are made to be broken

10 rules of family life that can and should be broken

In the house you need to create an atmosphere of happiness

And if it doesn't work, try the stratosphere, or what? In fact, it is impossible to create any atmosphere in the house, no matter how much effort you make. Simply because the feeling of home as a place of power does not lend itself to any artificial correction. The house can be clean, comfortable and beautiful - you will not achieve more. More arises on its own as a natural consequence of harmonious relationships. There is no point in bothering and trying to artificially create something. Waste of time and nerves.

Don't lie to your loved one

Everybody lies. It's true. No one is ever completely honest with anyone, why should the precious half be an exception? If it is clear that the truth can hurt a loved one, it is better to keep it to yourself. Silence is also a lie, yes. Sometimes very useful.

Sex is a bad way to reconcile

For centuries, a proven way to forget about grievances suddenly became something bad. Why? It is believed that the conflict is not over if you did not say it. And what, you quarrel only on the basis of topics that are worth talking about thoughtfully? No, you are not robots. A quarrel can flare up out of the blue. If only because he stuffed his socks under the sofa again. Or because you've been on the phone with a friend for too long. And everything, it started. Well, what is there to say then? It's going to be a boring mess. Hormones will fix everything much faster and better.

Need to spend more time together

It's not a matter of quantity. It's a matter of quality. If you are busy together with something that is interesting to both of you - yes, this is certainly good. And if you do something together because it seems to be necessary (who needs it?), - there is zero sense in this.

A couple should have a common hobby

It should. Obliged! That's something you probably enjoy to feed the mosquitoes on a fishing trip, and he just wants to do scrapbooking. The key to strong relationships is common values ​​and similar outlooks on life, and not at all common interests. If they are, that's great. If not, it's even better, because you can always tell each other something new.

Quarrels and conflicts should be minimized

I wonder how? Of course, there are couples who almost never quarrel, but do not try to imitate them. Perhaps they simply do not have reasons for conflict, because they have long gone through a difficult period of grinding. Or they are just such people - calm. It's not good or bad, it's just the way it is. And if this is not the case for you, then attempts to silence the conflict and drive it deeper will lead to problems. You cannot pretend that everything is fine if there is a problem. It will definitely arise again, only irritation will accumulate even more.

If you have children, then you need to devote yourself to them

Poor, poor kids. Before they were born, they were immediately fashioned into small-town idols - and let's make sacrifices to them. The happiest children grow up in families where parents love and care for each other. It was then that the kids feel confident, because they know that the family is the strongest rear. Such children are not afraid of our vast world, they trust it, and therefore grow up happy. But those to whom their parents have devoted their lives (that is, they forgot about themselves, about their marriage and focused only on education), they drag a huge sense of duty behind them. A heavy burden for kids. And meaningless, because the relationship of parents will easily crack while they "dedicate" themselves.

Sex should be fabulous

A huge number of marriages broke up precisely for this reason: the sex life ceased to resemble festive fireworks and became somehow ordinary. Actually, this is normal, we are arranged that way. It is impossible to live all your life with one sexual partner and every time you experience the same feelings that you had at the beginning of the relationship. Because you can’t erase from memory everything that happened between you, including in bed. It's like childhood: all the trees were big, and all the sweets were delicious. But now it's not like that. We change and everything changes. You just need to understand that “different” is not a synonym for the word “worse” at all.

He must be masculine, she must be feminine

"No one owes anything to anyone" - this is not the slogan of infantile egoists, but the harsh truth of life. Of course, everyone owes something to each other, this is a normal aspect of social relations. But at the same time, no one should ever be someone who they are not in reality. From the fact that you have created a couple, you have not ceased to be yourself. It’s just that you are together now, and all you need is to agree on who and what obligations are ready to take on. Commitments, not qualities. These are two big differences.

You need to keep love with all your might

What if we imagine love as a kind of living being, about which a film was made? Let it be such a beautiful elf. Here he, the poor fellow, fell ill, and he is being treated. Hurrah, it's improved! It's fine! And if not? The resuscitation team lost him, it happens. What picture is drawn next? Well, probably, the funeral, everyone cries, makes heartfelt speeches, then grieve for a long time and, finally, begin to live on. It's a good movie, just sad. As in life. But for some reason, some people think that a horror film should be made about this elf. The zombie apocalypse is coming! The dead elf scratches at the window with a decayed hand and howls plaintively. Watching such a film is interesting - well, for fans. Probably no one will want to live in this.

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