Flirted - and played: 7 flirting tricks that infuriate men

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Flirted - and played: 7 flirting tricks that infuriate men
Flirted - and played: 7 flirting tricks that infuriate men

You know, it turns out that not all female touches and tricks are pleasant to men. Sometimes they tolerate (because they like you very much - or out of politeness), and sometimes they start to shy away. One man ran away from his girlfriend after a couple of hours of communication, because she touched all his buttons, badges, straps and baubles, forcibly pulled off and tried on a hat … Do not repeat these feats:

Flirted - and flirted: 7 flirting tricks that infuriate men

1. The aforementioned hat, which she jokingly pulls off of him and puts on herself. Last year, in a Moscow club, after a concert by American-Cuban singer Aurelio Voltaire, a scandal broke out: several fans tried to pull off his elegant black top hat while the artist was busy signing autographs. Aurelio got very angry and later explained on Facebook: “Taking off a man’s hat is like walking up to a woman with a wet towel and wiping off her makeup. Offensive and not funny at all.”

2. Speaking in a baby voice. First of all, it's annoying. Second, you don't think he's sexually attracted to babies, do you?

3. Knowingly pretending to be a fool to find a reason to get acquainted. For example, pretend that you can't figure out how the coffee machine works, in the hope that that handsome guy over there will help you. Does anyone really want to date a girl who can't pour her own coffee? French flirting lessons.

4. Pretend to be difficult to reach. If a man is not a complete impudent and completely sober, it can be difficult for him to decide to take the initiative in a relationship anyway. Sending him call signals and then pretending “I'm not like that, I'm waiting for the tram” is like acting like that chicken from the joke that runs away from the rooster and thinks: “Am I running too fast?” It's tiring.

5. To ruffle or smooth his hair. They hate it already in kindergarten: mom combed it, he snorted and immediately redid it in his own way. Behind his choice of hairstyle is his independence. Or hidden complexes. Or a hidden bald head.

6. Trying to get jealous. If you start flirting with another guy in front of him, what will you achieve? Nothing but a quarrel and treating you like a frivolous girl who flirts with everyone. It is unlikely that he will “understand who he can lose.”

7. Staging a community of interests. It's okay if you don't know anything about "Tanchiki" or car racing, and he is passionate about them: he will gladly share information about his hobby with you (if your ears can handle). But do not try to pretend that this is your hobby too: even if you read something about it on the Internet the day before, you will quickly be exposed and considered a liar. How to flirt correctly, read here.

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