If you don't know how to do a manicure: 7 simple tips

If you don't know how to do a manicure: 7 simple tips
If you don't know how to do a manicure: 7 simple tips

Some girls go to the salon for a manicure not because they are too lazy to do this simple procedure at home, but because of their inability to properly paint their nails. Run-down polish, smudged fingers, bubbles and uneven application are all problems you can avoid if you know a few tricky secrets.

7 valuable life hacks for those who do not know how to paint nails

Apply Vaseline to your fingers

To prevent the varnish from spreading outside the nail plate, lubricate the skin around the nail with petroleum jelly - excess oil-based varnish will not dry, and you will remove them with a regular napkin! Here it is only important not to stain your nails with petroleum jelly and gently degrease them with an alcohol solution and a cotton swab.

Use a white base

Genius life hack for those who can't apply polish evenly and paint over the edges of the nail. Just apply a white base as the first layer - against this background it will be easier for you to see all the unpainted areas.

Warm the nail polish bottle between your palms

Do you know why small air bubbles appear during the application of varnish? You shook the vial with all your might instead of warming it and rubbing it well between your palms.

Start from the middle of the nail

When you start painting your nails, do not immediately try to get close to the cuticle with a brush: the excess polish will immediately drain, and all you get is spots on the skin. First put a dot in the middle of the nail, "stretch" this drop towards the cuticle, paint over the base, and then go down to the tips.

Make a "moon" manicure with a stencil

You can make the “lunar” manicure that has been relevant for several seasons yourself using a stencil in the form of circles. Attach them to your finger to cover the cuticle areas and simply paint your nails as usual. Done!

French with a simple rubber band

For those who are not friends with varnish and a brush, a simple clerical gum will help to make a French manicure - fasten it around your finger so that you can paint over the tip of the nail without touching the nail plate. Believe me, this is much more convenient than a stencil or fruitless attempts to draw a jacket with a flick of the wrist.

Buy a special nail polish remover stick

If you've followed all of our tips and still can't get a smooth finish, don't be discouraged! Especially for people like you and many of us, nail polish remover sticks were invented - it is much more convenient to use them than ordinary cotton swabs. The main thing is to paint over the entire nail plate evenly, and you will definitely cope with the excess. How to keep a manicure for a long time.

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