Office romance: 10 benefits of a relationship with a colleague

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Office romance: 10 benefits of a relationship with a colleague
Office romance: 10 benefits of a relationship with a colleague

Is it good or bad to work together with a spouse or regular partner? Of course, you can find a few downsides in the fact that you are an eyesore to each other all day or start letting work problems into your home space. But our author found as many as 10 pluses!

10 benefits of an office romance

1. Even if you happen to stay up late at work, you see your partner regularly. Most couples do not have this luxury. Does he (she) complain that he (she) misses you? Wait for everyone to leave and make love on the office desk.

2. You have a date every day. And you can have lunch together every day. So the problem “do you remember when we last went to a cafe” does not even arise.

3. When a partner tells you how "Svetlana got mad at Oleg because he snitched on her boss", you know who they are talking about. Unlike other people who quickly lose the thread of all these endless tales of office intrigue, you are always aware of what is happening and have at least a minimal relation to it, so you pay more attention to his words.

4. You are united in your hatred of "that nasty woman from accounting." When you need to let off steam, your partner will support you. And you know he doesn't just agree, he actually agrees.

5. Confess that at least once during your lunch break you were busy with something other than lunch. And it made the afternoon a little more bearable.

6. He (she) can really help you if the work is too much. And not just cheer in the spirit of “Be strong, you will have time, I believe in you.”

7. If you're having a bad day, your partner can drop by and cheer you up in person instead of texting.

8. You are a team. And you feel very close to working together on the same project. Maybe someday you will be able to open a family company (at least it’s nice to dream about it together).

9. You don't have to sit at home and go crazy with jealousy when he is late. Let him sit in a bar with employees of his department, you know that everyone is near retirement age or deeply married, and she pretty secretary went on maternity leave.

10. None of you have to awkwardly stomp in the corner, having come to the corporate party of another,because you have a common corporate party and everyone knows each other.

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