10 Nude Dresses You'll Feel Comfortable In

10 Nude Dresses You'll Feel Comfortable In
10 Nude Dresses You'll Feel Comfortable In

“Naked” dresses are perhaps the most dangerous wardrobe item: either they will expose what was not originally planned, or they will emphasize carefully concealed figure flaws.

10 nude dresses that will make you feel comfortable

Givenchy, price on request

Even among Hollywood fashionistas, not everyone is ready to walk out in such revealing outfits, because there is always an option to get not on the list of the sexiest stars, but on the top of the worst star outings. But who does not risk, he does not wear seductive outfits! We have selected 20 "naked" dresses in which you will not only be the most spectacular guest at a cocktail party, but also feel comfortable.

Bailey 44, RUB 5115 (with discount)

When choosing a "naked" dress, do not forget to carefully examine yourself in it from all sides - many troubles can give themselves away even in the fitting room. Be sure to pay attention to the behavior of cuts and cutouts during movements, so as not to please the male guests at the party more than necessary.

Bardot, RUB 8405

Do you feel uncomfortable wearing a "naked" dress and pumps or sandals at the same time? Time to experiment with shoes. If you have an evening event without a strict dress code, feel free to change the stilettos for rough contrasting shoes (depending on the season, Birkenstocks and tractor-soled sandals, as well as Chelsea boots or monks, are suitable).

Akris, price on request

Balmain, price on request

Carmen Marc Valvo, RUB 25,360

LolliCouture.com, 1500 rubles


H&M, RUB 1499

Isabel Marant Etoile, RUB 27,130

Have a nice party!

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