Modern hair cutting tools: did you know about them?

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Modern hair cutting tools: did you know about them?
Modern hair cutting tools: did you know about them?

Do you want a haircut to be not just a process of shaping your hair, but to improve its condition? Choose which of the 5 technologies is right for you!

5 super technologies for cutting hair

Hot scissors - for fine split ends

After a computer analysis of the condition of the hair, the master selects the required temperature and cuts off the excess with special scissors, in which the cut is heated. This allows you to "solder" the tip of the hair and prevent delamination. The haircut takes quite a long time, as the hair is divided into very thin strands, and each is processed.

Razor - for coarse hair

Cutting your hair at the right angle with a straight razor makes it softer and more manageable with a beveled cut. This is your option if you have the so-called "Asian" or "African" hair type. But remember: cutting with a straight razor is performed only on wet hair and requires professionalism. Don't trust your head to just anyone!

Thinning - for too thick hair

No one believes you, but you know that too much hair is also a problem. Up to a headache: after all, you carry extra weight on your head! Thinning will help to alleviate the situation: selectively shortening individual strands of hair with special scissors. By cutting out the inner strands in this way, the master not only reduces the excess volume of the hairstyle, but also reduces the load on the scalp and hair roots, which will reduce their loss and improve the condition, because the remaining strands will get more nutrition. And styling your hair will be much easier!

Machine - for naughty hair

If you are desperate to make a beautiful styling, because all efforts come to naught after half an hour - go to the salon where they work with an electric razor. Choosing strands in a special way, stylists who own the technique of cutting with an electric machine form sections so that the hair itself will take the correct position. In addition, this technique damages the hair less.

FIRE CUT - for lifeless, brittle hair

Roasting can be called an alternative way of laminating hair. First, they will wash your hair and apply a nourishing serum, all the beneficial substances from which the fire will “close” inside the hair. Then the hair will be treated with an open flame. Under the influence of fire, the scales of the hair melt and “seal” it, making it smooth, shiny and immune to environmental aggression. At the same time, nutrients and strengthening substances “fall through” into the deep layers of the cuticle, nourishing them, and the exfoliated scales that made the hair rough and dull instantly melt.

The inner part of the hair, which provides its strength and flexibility, does not even have time to heat up, do not worry. But in any case, make sure that the salon you trust has a good reputation, and the master has experience in successfully carrying out such a procedure.

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