Nine Steps to Eternal Life

Nine Steps to Eternal Life
Nine Steps to Eternal Life

Can a person always stay young, he althy, full of energy and live as long as he wants? More recently, this question could have been answered unequivocally “no”. But today is completely different!

Nine Steps to Eternal Life

In a new revolutionary study "Transcend: Nine Steps to Eternal Life",, which was published in Russian with the support of the PROFI.RU service, it is proved that you can live indefinitely ! Its authors are Ray Kurzweil, one of the most famous futurologists, CTO of Google, and Terry Grossman, MD, founder of the Grossman Wellness Center clinic. In the first weeks of September, the book broke sales records and has already become a real bestseller!

The book offers nine practical steps that make it possible to extend the active phase of life and significantly slow down the aging process. The authors believe that the reason for the low life expectancy is our outdated genetic code, which has not changed since the advent of mankind.

PROFI.RU - the largest online service in Russia for the selection of private specialists - will be happy to help you take the first steps towards longevity: together with the Respublika chain of bookstores and the Mann, Ivanov and Ferber publishing house PROFI.RU holds a competition, the winners of which will be able to check their he alth with the best doctors in reputable diagnostic centers absolutely free of charge and receive a certificate for 5000 rubles.

What do you need for this? Win the art contest!

  • Take selfies or ask friends to take pictures of you. The theme of the photos is an active lifestyle: morning and evening jogging, he althy eating, exercising in the gym, cycling, etc.
  • Post these shots on your social network page (FB/Instagram/VK/OK) with the hashtag take a step to the profile
  • Every 2 weeks a jury of PROFI.RU experts will choose the best photos and award a prize: a certificate for 5,000 rubles from PROFI.RU and Check Up (complete medical examination).

All details here:

Who should read Transcend's book and why?

Yulia Korneva, author of the he althy lifestyle blog Live Up

Unfortunately, the word longevity scares many people in our country. First of all, because it is associated with decrepit old age, illness, suffering. People of retirement age are considered to be almost a burden. Therefore, I will explain that the authors of the book are talking about quality longevity. They proved to me that by following their recommendations, which are not at all complicated, I will be able to travel for many more decades (and maybe centuries, although it doesn’t fit in my head;))), to learn something new… By extending my life expectancy by 20-40 years from the average for my age, I will live to the moment when science will learn not only to stop the aging process, but also to reverse it! Agree, it sounds very tempting!

Anyone who wants, like me, to have a fun and interesting life for a couple of centuries, you should definitely read Ray and Terry's bestseller!

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