Seven main fears of modern women - how to stop being afraid?

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Seven main fears of modern women - how to stop being afraid?
Seven main fears of modern women - how to stop being afraid?

Society is making more and more demands on women these days. Imposing roles and behavior unusual for the beautiful half of humanity, it gets only one thing - an increased level of stress and a catastrophic increase in fears and phobias with the inability to competently cope with them. Psychologist Maria Efimova will help to deal with the most important fears of modern women.

Seven main fears of modern women - how to stop being afraid?

Maria Efimova

practicing psychologist, psychoanalyst, specialist in professional self-determination


Sometimes this fear is so strong that it pushes women to rash acts. For example, to communicate with people who do not cause sympathy or warm feelings. And just to not be alone. This also applies to men - because of the fear of loneliness, women cannot leave relationships that they have not been satisfied with for a long time. Because for many decades the opinion has been imposed on us that without a man a woman is nobody. Understanding who your soulmate is, making real friends is not always an easy task, and with age, for many it becomes completely difficult. Remember, the more we give, the more we get back. Appreciate communication with people close to you, give them your time.


One of the most common fears in women, which is instilled in society. It manifests itself in young girls, and in those who are married, but are afraid of divorce. In most cases, this fear is unfounded, and moreover, it interferes with building he althy relationships. Sometimes he forces women to marry not only without love, but also without sympathy. Or fall in love with the one who proposes, not paying attention to the quality of the chosen one. The highest point of fear is the manic obsession with the idea of ​​getting married. An unmarried woman is still perceived as unhappy, unnecessary, inferior. To avoid this madness, it is important to understand that such a statement is just a stereotype. It all starts with self-love, self-love. And it is this love that will ensure that marriage does not turn into an escape from internal problems.


One of the paradoxes of the fear of fullness is that mostly women of normal build or even those who are not overweight are afraid of it. Often, girls hide behind the fear of fullness from solving their own psychological problems. An example of this approach is the belief that failures in her personal life come from the fact that she is “fat”. Although in fact the reason lies in the inability to communicate with young people. But due to a logical error, we get that the girl exhausts herself with diets and does not engage in her development. Remember, true beauty comes from within. What matters is how you feel about yourself.


A relatively new fear compared to others. Although this fear is not particularly related to gender. Loss of work as the main source of income, poverty is a typical nightmare of a modern resident of a metropolis. If this fear has taken possession of you, then it is worth considering whether it is justified. In the event that there really is a reason, it is worth preparing for yourself a few fallback options. Most importantly, be an expert in your field and a good professional, and this fear will recede.


Practically all women experience this fear. Often it is groundless - after all, almost all the fair sex go through this. Awareness helps to overcome the fear of childbirth, namely, preparation for the process, support from a qualified obstetrician, and study of the necessary information. After all, knowledge that can help you will minimize fear.


This fear is also common. In itself, concern for children is natural. He should be de alt with only when he goes beyond the bounds of decency. After all, then this fear can interfere not only with you, but also with your children.


Fear of old age is the fear of losing one's attractiveness. And in our harsh reality, this sounds like a loss of presentation. Women are afraid of wrinkles, their bodies are not in good shape and, the most interesting thing, is to report the date of their birth. Another paradox is the fears of young girls who believe that their beauty has faded, and no one else is interested in anything else. This fear is actively supported by advertising, which persistently broadcasts the idea: if you lose attractiveness, then all sorts of misfortunes await you. What to do with it? But nothing. Do not try to get rid of this fear - it is worth appreciating the life experience that you have received. Treat yourself with respect.

If you do not want to grow old, keep yourself in good shape, be cheerful and active and do not waste time on this fear!

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