Auntie sues 12-year-old nephew for overly greedy greeting

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Auntie sues 12-year-old nephew for overly greedy greeting
Auntie sues 12-year-old nephew for overly greedy greeting

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Auntie sues 12-year-old nephew for overly loud greeting

Jennifer Connell, an HR manager in New York, is suing her own nephew, Sean Taral, for $127,000 in damages for her wrist injury. The story is called wild even in the American press, accustomed to the most bizarre lawsuits and claims.

The events giving rise to the lawsuit took place four years ago, when the young defendant was only 8 years old. 50-year-old childless aunt Jennifer came to visit her nephew on March 8 to wish him a happy birthday.

Young Sean joyfully rode around the house on a brand new two-wheeled bicycle, just received as a gift. Seeing his aunt, he abandoned the bicycle and jumped to hug her with joyful cries: “Aunt Jen! Aunt Jen!”.

According to Jennifer Connell: “I remember him flying at me shouting “I love you!”, and then I picked him up and we fell together.” Jennifer felt pain in her wrist, but did not show so as not to spoil the holiday for the child.

She decided to do it 4 years later when she remembered that the guy then weighed 22 kg, and his arm still hurts.

In a jury trial, she testified that her life has gone downhill since then, and all these years she has been experiencing incredible difficulties due to that long-standing injury. She even described in detail which ones. It is very difficult for her to walk home on foot to the third floor in the house without an elevator where she lives. She constantly has to experience social difficulties in such a densely populated area as Manhattan. And finally, recently she was visiting and realized that it was difficult for her to hold a plate in her hand.

Besides, she said that she knows her nephew as a loving and friendly boy, and loves him herself, but "evil must be punished…"

No, she put it another way: “The injuries and harm caused to the plaintiff were caused by the negligence and carelessness of the juvenile defendant. At the age of eight, it is reasonable to expect a defendant to have known the consequences of such boisterous greetings and to have foreseen the harm that he is capable of causing by his behavior to the plaintiff.”

Sean, like his father, Michael Tarala, attended the court hearing. Sean looked scared and confused. Apart from this surprise with the court, he has enough problems already. Exactly one year ago, his mother, who was Aunt Jennifer's sister, died.

The trial is not over yet and I hope that reason will prevail this time.

UPD: The trial by jury took place the other day. It took only 25 minutes, the jury returned a verdict of "not guilty." Aunt Connell quickly and silently walked through the crowd of reporters waiting for her outside.

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