Coffee scrub against cellulite: does it really help?

Coffee scrub against cellulite: does it really help?
Coffee scrub against cellulite: does it really help?

Does coffee scrub help with cellulite? The whole truth about the use of coffee grounds for beauty.

Coffee scrub against cellulite: does it really help?

Homemade coffee scrub

As coffee aficionados, we have learned 1500 ways to use coffee grounds. Do you know how many people try to get rid of cellulite with a coffee scrub at home? There are many recipes on the Internet on how to do this, and even more beauty products. But the question is: does it really help to get rid of these potholes and bumps? Today we have two news for you: good and bad.


Traditionally, let's start with her. Any competent dermatologist, and any other doctor or expert in the structure of the human body will tell you that cellulite is fibrous ligaments that begin immediately under the skin and end at the subcutaneous fat layer. To remove cellulite means to remove this tissue. Coffee grounds can't do it.


And yet, coffee scrubs soften the appearance of cellulite. For a while. The caffeine contained in the thick and massage movements work together to improve circulation, tightening the skin and hiding the appearance of cellulite. That is, it does not disappear anywhere, it just becomes less noticeable. Do not forget about antioxidants, which stimulate the production of collagen, which improves skin condition. But collagen also does not remove cellulite. How long will the effect last? Not more than a week.

Coffee cellulite scrub recipe


Then take six tablespoons of grounds, mix them with four tablespoons of olive oil and start a pleasant aromatic massage. A coffee body scrub will remove dead skin cells and make it smoother. They can take care of the whole body, even the skin of the face. The main thing is to avoid the eye area.

Or once every two weeks, massage your scalp with a scalp to thoroughly remove the remnants of conditioners, sprays and serums. This recipe is not suitable if you are blonde as the coffee may stain your hair a little.

Or use coffee grounds to quickly remove odor from your hands. Anyone: even perfume, even fresh fish.

Well, what to do with cellulite? Accept or get rid of subcutaneous fat, keeping in mind the he alth consequences.

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