Six female sexual fantasies

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Six female sexual fantasies
Six female sexual fantasies

Well, what women dream about, of course, we know ourselves. About he alth, a house on the ocean, a new car so that the children do not get sick and a normal husband was found in the house. But this does not apply to what happens to daydream before going to bed or at any other free time.

What do women dream about? Six sexual fantasies

If special films are made about male fantasies marked 18+, then female fantasies somehow fail to materialize on the screen (no, TV shows do not count!). However, this is understandable. Men's sexual dreams are directed to the sexual act, as such, to what he would do with any abstract woman.

There is a lot of romance and emotion in women's fantasies. We imagine everything, in the smallest detail, concretizing the partner, and focusing in thoughts on what he is doing with our body. According to studies, only 3% of women have never had sexual fantasies. Or they won't admit it.

Some fantasies can already be considered classics.

Sex with a stranger

Fantasy leader. Well, you must admit, what could be more intriguing and exciting than a chance meeting at a bar, at a party or on the beach. He's good, you're damn attractive. Passionate sex without obligations, explanations, and most importantly - in the morning he suddenly disappears, and you stretch sweetly and do not think about where his socks are and what to feed him for breakfast.

However, you can try to realize these fantasies with your regular partner. Make an appointment at a restaurant, pretend to be strangers and have wild sex in a hotel room, and disappear in the morning. Good for spurring fading romance, btw.

He and another him

Yes, threesomes aren't just for men. Sometimes women also dream of getting only twice as much. But, unlike male fantasies, we do not really want these two to have sex with each other while we are relaxing. No, all attention should be focused on the female body. Telling about this fantasy to a jealous husband is not worth it. But you can buy sex toys and let a man try them on you.

Tie and…

Oh, this is one of the common fantasies. He ties you up, covers your eyes with a bandage, tears your clothes and has wild, unbridled, animal sex with you. Implementing it is easy. Perhaps your man himself has been dreaming of this for a long time, but was afraid to offer it to you - a fragile prairie flower.

Don't stop Johnny

In your dreams, you open your eyes, and next to you is not a sleeping husband in a T-shirt and family men, but Johnny Depp in a tuxedo and a rose in his teeth. He slowly undresses you (of course, in a dream you are not in a bedroom in Khrushchev, but in a luxury hotel overlooking the ocean) and long, passionately and beautifully makes love to you. If necessary, Johnny Depp turns into George Clooney, Timati, David Beckham or even Philip Kirkorov - that's whoever likes it. In this fantasy, if desired, all the previous ones are combined. He is unfamiliar to you, tied you up and then another famous handsome man enters your bedroom.

Unfortunately, this fantasy is unlikely to come true.

Outdoor sex

On the street, in the park, in a restaurant, finally on the beach. The thought of being caught is even more exciting. All this, of course, can be done in real life, but only our streets are not very conducive to such adventures, and on the beach the sand will clog in all inappropriate places and, most likely, in the finale you will hear applause or outraged cries. 8 stories about sex in public places.

Darling, kiss me

According to polls, every third woman dreams of lesbian sex. Most likely, it's not about homosexual orientation, but about the curiosity and beauty of the female body. Such sex seems more tender than with a man.

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