Madonna hired detectives to spy on student daughter

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Madonna hired detectives to spy on student daughter
Madonna hired detectives to spy on student daughter

Western tabloids reported that the singer was worried about her 18-year-old daughter's frivolous behavior. Therefore, according to rumors, she hired detectives to watch the girl around the clock.

Madonna hired detectives to keep tabs on her student daughter

57-year-old singer Madonna hired detectives to follow her 18-year-old daughter Lourdes. At the moment, the star is on tour in the US, but even at a distance she continues to control her four children.

According to a source close to the family, Mad is worried about the behavior of his eldest daughter. According to an insider, Madonna has heard rumors that Lourdes and her boyfriend are throwing noisy parties at the University of Michigan dorm instead of attending classes. As it turned out, the star mother herself does not want to directly ask the girl about her behavior. She believes that she can anger her daughter with her questions, and she will stop communicating with her. Therefore, the artist hired private detectives, around the clock, but discreetly watching every step of her successor.

For the fans of the singer, this news was a big surprise. None of them expected from the scandalous and outrageous Madonna, who has always been distinguished by defiant behavior, the manifestation of such conservatism and total control in matters of raising children. Official comments on this matter from representatives of the celebrity have not yet followed. Lourdes herself also did not comment on these rumors.

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